⑥Kemiko Warfare


This song, you may have noticed, is a parody of “Chemical Warfare” by “Slayer”.

———-Not a copy cat?

What are you talking about?

The only thing I don’t want people to know is that I’m a copy cat, right?

I don’t care if they find out, that’s why I call it a parody.

———-I wonder if Slayer fans will get angry?

Listen carefully and you’ll understand.

It’s a very detailed and respectful tribute to “Slayer”.

———-You mean the drums?

Yes, there is a lot of homage to “Slayer,” especially Dave Lombardo, mainly in the drumming.

———-The way you put the fillin is just right.

Yes, fans will get it.

———-I hope so…

I think the long intro was inspired by “Hell Awaits”.

That song has riff after riff after riff, doesn’t it?

That’s the kind of feeling I was going for.

———-I think it’s a great intro to the song.

Thank you.

Then, the song enters into the fast part, which is typical of “Slayer”.

———-The tempo change to the middle part is also interesting.

I think it worked well.

I wanted to make the album as a whole a consistent one, with a lot of development, but with a clear line.

That’s why the main riff appears many times in the middle part in different forms.

There are some Japanese-style melodies here and there.

———-It looks like you don’t think about it, but you do.

It may look that way if you only look at the surface.

———-The solo after the middle part is long.

It is long, isn’t it?

I feel like this solo makes up for the fact that the album as a whole is not very metal.

Fast running, fast strumming, long solos, blast beats, all of them symbolize metal, don’t they?

I packed a mega amount of it into this part.

———-It’s certainly the most metal part of the album.

Yeah, it just runs right through and ends with a cute cheerleader’s scream.

———-…That’s the subculture or Freakz, right?

I had a hard time deciding on the order of the songs.

I was torn between the first song and the sixth song.

———-You were thinking “Hell Awaits”, so the first song would be fine.

But I really wanted to put “Let’s Give It All Today” as the first song.

So I made it the first song on the B-side of the record.

AC/DC’s “Back in Black” also had the title track as the sixth track, and it left a strange impression on me.

Maybe that was an influence.

———-What are the lyrics like?

The protagonist of the lyrics, “Kemiko,” is fighting against a bunch of foolish politicians.

All they care about is their own money, positions, and honor, and they do not have a single plan when the people die in droves from a plague.

Such politicians infest the whole of Japan.

Holy shit, such motherfxxkers win elections, so they are completely manipulating the public’s impression of them.

Television as a source of information is over, completely.

The Internet is the only choice.

———-It seems that more and more people don’t watch TV.

I guess you could say it’s a once-popular now.

Those who cling to that once-popular are manipulating the public’s impression, like Dappi.

Osaka is the best example of this.

Taro Yamamoto also said that TV itself is already Dappi.

———-Educational-TV has a lot of good stuff.

I agree, Educational-TV is the only one I trust so far.

Anyway, the battle for “Kemiko” has just begun.

And it’s my own battle as well.

But I don’t use bombs or chemical weapons.

Words, sounds, and pictures are my weapons.

Watch me now.

April 12,2022 Freakz


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