Aka Issen (Flash of Red) Participating works in the “Lyric Unification Festival 2022 Summer”


“Lyrics Unification Festival” on Twitter

———-This is the work you entered in the contest, isn’t it?

That’s right.

I found out about the “Lyrics Unification Festival” on Twitter through a follower’s hashtag.

———-It’s an interesting initiative.

It’s really interesting to see how many songs with the same lyrics are created.

———-How many songs did they get?

I saw a tweet the other day that said 86, but I’ll have to wait for the official announcement for more details.

Interesting to be creative with the restrictions

———-So, how was it, how did you feel?

Yeah, it was interesting to be creative with the restrictions.

The lyrics are prepared.

And they were lyrics that I wouldn’t normally write.

———-You write a lot of strange lyrics.

It’s none of my business.

The other problem was the length of the music, which had to be within 140 seconds to be uploaded to Twitter.

This was the problem.

———-It’s different from the usual situation where you can make a music as long as you want, isn’t it?

That’s right.

It’s relentless

The theme of the lyrics is “Suzaku”.

Well, it is a fictional Chinese bird, but I felt that a Japanese-style melody would fit.

That’s why I mixed Japanese scales into the riff and the verse.


The title “Aka Issen” (Flash of Red) made me think of the intense red color.

So it starts off with heavy riffs and a fast-moving atmosphere.

———-The tapping in the verse is amazing.

It’s relentless, isn’t it?

If I changed the key before the chorus, the beauty of the melody would be diminished

Now, to make a hook in 2 minutes and 20 seconds, I need a trick.

The easiest hook is the abrupt modulation before the chorus.

———-That’s what Mr. Komuro is good at, isn’t it?

That’s right.

At first, I was planning to make an impact with a modulation, but I decided against that idea.


I guess I was inspired by the beautiful lyrical world.

It turned out to be a surprisingly beautiful melody.

———-You say that yourself?

Listen to it.

It’s a really beautiful melody.

I felt that if I changed the key before the chorus, the beauty of the melody would be diminished.

So, I finished the song without a single modulation, which is unprecedented in my past works.

———-I see.

I sang it in falsetto, it just clicked

I didn’t want to use a modulation, but I wanted to draw the ear before the chorus.

So, I suddenly went to piano only and changed the beat.

While practicing the song, I came up with the idea of repeating the chorus twice, the first time in a lower key and the second time in an octave higher key.

———-The development here is beautiful, isn’t it?


The second chorus doesn’t come out in my key, but when I sang it in falsetto, it just clicked.

I guess you could say the mood was set perfectly.

———-You don’t use falsetto on your original albums, do you?

It’s heavy metal, after all.

If I use it, it’s a shout.

But falsetto goes well with this song.

———-Why don’t you use falsetto on your originals from now on?

Yes, if there is an occasion.

I don’t think of falsetto as something I’ll never use anymore.

Maybe that’s one of the things I’ve grown up with.

I decided to use the same melody here

The first verse and the last verse were paired with the same number of letters, so I decided to use the same melody here.

However, I repeated the chorus twice, so there was not much time left.

So I ended up with an extremely simple ending.

———-I think that wasn’t so bad.

I think so too.

Normally, I would have started with a long guitar solo and ended with a longer riff.

But I tried to make it so that you don’t get bored.

Definitely because of the lyrics

———-I think it’s a good piece of work.

It’s definitely because of the lyrics.

I’ve always liked elaborate development, so I think I was able to pack in as much of that as possible.

Some listeners might find it heavy.

———-It might be oily.

The organizers might be thinking that a strange person in white paint has joined the festival, but there’s no need to be scared!

———-That’s right, this guy is always moaning.

I’m about to cry again today because I failed the Amazon affiliate review.

———-Mentality like tofu…

June 28,2022 Freakz


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