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It’s okay, it’s a mess

———-Hmmm, what is this painting?

It’s an abstract painting I did at random. Amazing, isn’t it?

———-It’s not great at all, it’s a mess.

It’s okay, it’s a mess.

I don’t know what it is, that’s why it’s an abstract painting, right?

———-That’s true, but…

Lined up in a row behind the abstract paintings are illustrations of cats.

———-They look kind of listless.

There are a certain number of heartless people in the world who abuse cats.

———-It’s a sad story.

They need treatment, not guidance

I think it’s a mental illness.

They need treatment, not guidance.

Not just abuse.

I heard that the recidivism rate of those who are imprisoned for some crimes is very high.

This means that the Japanese imprisonment system is not working well.

I think we need to change from guidance to treatment, from punishment to counseling.

Well, I guess it’s not only in Japan.

———-It’s a difficult problem.

Yes, it is difficult.

What I just said is only one aspect.

There is also the issue of the bereaved families of the victims.

no matter how much treatment is given to such a ****

Even the so-called “Seito Sakakibara” started out as an animal abuser.

I feel that no matter how much treatment is given to such a ****.

———-They have already come out, haven’t they?

Yes, it’s scary.

It’s simply scary.

So it is true that it is a complicated problem that cannot be generalized.

It’s a complicated mess of various circumstances.

———-Is that why you drew the messy picture?

…Well, you can take it that way.

It’s up to the viewer to decide how to perceive an abstract painting.

———-It’s in the lyrics, isn’t it?

Yes, as I said in the explanation of the song, it’s a song about fafrotskies pouring down on a dead cat to create an abstract painting.

———-…It’s difficult.

Yes, it’s difficult, the issue of abuse.

———-It’s supposed to be well put together, but it’s not.


March 24,2022 Freakz


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