Freakz C9 Dress④ Infinite Multiplication Shuffle Beat


———-You also made a dress, didn’t you?

Yes, I dare to wear only black here.

I hope you will wear it when you go to a metal concert.

I’m sure it will be fine even if a man wears it.

———-This illustration is… dangerous.

It might be dangerous.

But you know, almost everyone in my generation was obsessed with “Super Mario Bros”.

It’s such a well-made game.

Well, about the music and the game, please read the explanation of the music.

———-Yes, I’m talking about the illustrations.

You know, when we make a so-called mistake and lose one Mario, it’s called “dead”.

It’s the same in other games.

Is it “dead” in English too?

———-I’ll have to do some research to find out…

Anyway, Mario was born in 1981.

“Super Mario Bros.” was released in 1985.

And now it’s 2022.

I wonder how many people he has “died” so far.

———-It’s getting to be a bit of an ominous story, isn’t it?

Mario must have been overworked and “died” more than we can imagine.

But the players don’t care about his hardship.

No one would grieve for Mario’s “death.

And they farm Mario with the “infinite propagation” technique.

I wrote this illustration in memory of his unimaginable hardship.

———-You wrote the scene of the emergency room visit in memory of his hardship?

I thought Mario would be fighting like this yesterday, today, and tomorrow, all the while battered and bruised.

———-…Is it my imagination that I feel malice?

There is no such thing as malice.

From now on, don’t feel sorry for Mario’s “death,” much less laugh at him.


Cry every time he falls down a hole or hits a bubble.

———-…I don’t know what you’re upset about.

I love you, Mario!

May 11,2022 Freakz


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