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I came to the conclusion that it’s better to leave it as it is

———-What’s wrong with this?

Hmm? What is it?

———-Because until the other day, you were serving fetuses in Yoshinoya’s bowls.

Did I do something crazy like that?

———-Yes, you were!

Well, then I guess I’ve come to my senses.

———-I’m worried about you because you suddenly made a fresh shirt.

Well, it’s true that I put a lot of thought into it, trying to make it look like Freakz.

I thought about making her shed tears of blood, or cracking her face, or having Mr. and Mrs. Abe standing behind her.

———-…You’re going to get sick if you keep thinking like that.

Well, after much deliberation, I came to the conclusion that it’s better to leave it as it is.

———-Well, it must be your last conscience.

You know, what do you think I am?

But I have a strong emotional attachment to my bests, which I made with a lot of effort

———-So, whose picture is this?

In the 80’s, people used to dub music onto cassette tapes and listen to it.

I made my bests.

———-That brings back memories.

It takes 5 minutes to dub a 5-minute song, so young people today may not understand what I mean.

———-Nowadays, it’s really instantaneous.

But I have a strong emotional attachment to my bests, which I made with a lot of effort, and I listened to them with great care.

It was an inconvenient time, but it was a fun time.

One thing that left an impression on me was that I collected all my favorite metal songs and put them on one cassette tape, and made it so that the songs got faster and shorter as they got to the latter half.

The last song on the B-side was “You Suffer” by “Napalm Death”.

———-Well, that’s what it’s supposed to be.

It’s an interesting twist, isn’t it?




———-I asked you whose picture this is. Are you listening to me?

I’m listening.

Hear me out.

That’s too long to come from

Back in the 80’s, there were a lot of cassette tape commercials on TV.

Companies were competing with each other by launching their own brands of cassette tapes.

One of the most fashionable brands was AXIA, launched by Fujifilm, which featured Yuki Saito in its commercial, and I made an illustration of the commercial.


Needless to say, my song “Pure-Heart-Street Shopping Arcade Of Misunderstanding” is a parody of the hit song by “T-BOLAN”, and I thought that the hit song was also the image song of AXIA.

———-That’s how you came up with this illustration.

That’s too long to come from.

This time, in honor of Yuki Saito, a favorite of Kera, I have created a very gorgeous illustration.

———-…You did it again, isn’t it expensive?

Well, it’s 6,500 yen.

———-I say it’s expensive, 6,500 yen for a T-shirt.

Look at this, the Freakz logo on the left arm and the C9 logo on the right arm.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

———-That’s why it’s expensive.

It doesn’t matter, they won’t sell much even if they make it reasonable.


Anyway, wear this shirt to the rock show and have fun, STAY METAL!

May 30,2022 Freakz


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