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It is not music that should be discussed on a level playing field as other genres

Grindcore music is a special kind of music.

It is definitely one of the music genres, but it is a bit of a hindrance to talk about it alongside other genres.

For example, grindcore music is sometimes better when there is no consistency in the performance.

Especially during blast beats, and it can be seen as a good thing for grindcore that each part does not know what it is doing.

In other cases, the lack of clear sound quality is a negative for other genres, but in the world of grindcore, it can be considered a good thing.

Therefore, it is not music that should be discussed on a level playing field as other genres.

It is because it is a barren controversy.

This is a bit like punk rock being described as “the less well played, the more raw it is.

How much initial impulse the band puts into the sound

So how should grindcore be evaluated?

The performance, the precision of the composition, and the clarity of the sound quality are secondary and not subject to evaluation.

The evaluation is all about “how much initial impulse the band puts into the sound”.

This evaluation may seem very vague in writing, but in reality, the line is not that blurry.

It is the kind of thing that makes you want to go wild when you hear it.

Something that makes you clench your fists and shake your head.

That’s good grindcore.

“Scum” by “Napalm Death”.

“Carcass”‘ “Reek of Putrefaction” is a prime example.

The former’s tempo becomes confusing during the blast beats, and the latter’s sound quality is so poor that it is impossible to distinguish between the different parts.

Still, it is a masterpiece that allows the listener to feel the impulse of the music.

Miraculously, there are masterpieces that are not like that

I have written about grindcore as if it were normal for the performances to be in shambles and the sound quality to be poor, but miraculously, there are masterpieces that are not like that.

To have a sense of consistency in performance and to create a well-organized sound image means to shape the music with precision.

It is the opposite of the act of putting the initial impulse on the sound.

That is why I used the expression “miraculously.

Take “World Downfall” by Terrorizer, for example.

Drummer Pete Sandoval’s blast beats are superb, with a clear front and back.

It is so precise, yet you can feel the impulse.

I have never heard a better blast beat.

The other album is “Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses” from Brutal Truth.

This has a great sense of consistency throughout the song.

Very precise and tight playing, but it gets my blood pumping when I listen to it.

It is nothing short of a miracle.

Grindcore is a genre with few great albums

I feel that grindcore is a genre with few great albums.

Perhaps that is why it is such a difficult music to describe.

I will continue to wait with anticipation for the next masterpiece to appear!

July 23,2013 Freakz


Napalm Death” is still active and producing excellent grindcore.

The sound image is also very unique, as each part of the sound is muffled, but each part is audible.

It is amazing that only “Napalm Death” can produce such a sound.

Carcass” is still active after a hiatus. The sound quality is clear, and the performance is consistent and modern.

The band may have moved a little away from grindcore, but the grindcore spirit that still wafts in the depths of the band’s sound is irresistible to fans of grindcore.

Terrorizer” is also back after a long gap. It was a rare opportunity to see them live at LOUDPARK16. Although not as destructive and catchy as “World Downfall,” they play grindcore all the way.

Brutal Truth” had been active irregularly, but is now on hiatus. It continues to change to a more psychedelic style, and could be described as more noise-oriented music.

May 13,2022 Freakz