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It is not uncommon for member changes to occur within a band

In the world of heavy metal, it is not uncommon for member changes to occur within a band.

Perhaps more so than in other genres such as pop music.

The pursuit of musicality is so great that there are constant conflicts and discord among the members.

By the way, it is not uncommon for a key member who is involved in composing to leave the band.

It would seem that the band would break up immediately after the core member leaves, but this is not always the case.

This is especially true in the heavy metal world.

Perhaps they have mixed feelings

For example, Kai Hansen, the leader and songwriter of “Helloween”, left the band.

The band remained intact.

At this time, I wonder what the current members think about the fact that the live show is so exciting with the songs written by Kai?

The classic song “Future World” is performed without Kai, with Andi Deris on vocals.

Perhaps they have mixed feelings about it.

Or is it just a light-hearted feeling, like, “Well, it’s a good song and it’s exciting, so it’s fine?”

The listeners also felt quite uncomfortable, and felt that “Future World” should have been played by “Gamma Ray”.

I could not shake off the feeling of discomfort

I saw “Angra” concert before in Sapporo.

They played “Carry On”, a classic song written by Andre Matos, an old member of the band. (That song was put together pretty short.)

I love this song very much, but I could not shake off the feeling of discomfort.

The key is not right for the current vocalist, Edu Falaschi.

Besides, this song is expected to be a work that Andre Matos created from scratch by himself, so playing it without him is also a bit strange.

If it is a favorite song, I am torn between wanting to listen to it and feeling uncomfortable with it.

November 28,2011 Freakz



This is an article from 2011, but things are much more complicated now.

First of all, “Helloween” has made up and is working together again.

They have a new album out and the content is good.

At the time of the “Angra” concert I saw in Sapporo, Edu Falaschi was already complaining of voice problems, and when he joined the band, he was singing well in live performances.

Andre Matos, who composed the music, unfortunately passed away in 2019.

Currently, Edu Falaschi is also working under his solo name, almost like “Angra”, and the remaining “Angra” exists at the same time, which is a strange situation.

This may be a strange situation, but it is already a common one in the metal scene.

“Children of Bodom” almost did the same, but Alexi Laiho died in 2020.

The remaining members of the band announced that there was no conflict between them.

Both “Rhapsody” and “Queensrÿche” had similar situations, and it is difficult to sort out.

The same goes for the coalition of “Judus Priest” and “KKs Priest”.

It is very complicated, but if more attractive metal music is created for the sake of it, the listeners will be grateful.

August 3,2022 Freakz