Origin -Eternal Blast Beat-



It should not stop at a trick

Origin’s “Gravity Blast” is indeed amazing.

How do you do this!

The sound pressure is so strong that it makes you think, “What is this?

This is a trick in itself.

However, it should not stop at a trick.

If the “Gravity Blast” technique is not skillfully cooked in the music, it will end up being just a great technique.

The second album of Origin “Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas” is just blasting without any ups and downs in the development.

I can enjoy the greatness of the blasting, but I’m not impressed by the song.

It would be the same if they just put the blasts on a CD.

It’s not just a matter of me not liking the lack of development…it’s not that simple.

The presentation of new musicality is a very delicate thing

Take Terrorizer’s first album”World Downfall”, for example.

This album presents the then-new blast beats, but it is very well balanced.

It is not just a bunch of new stuff, but it is woven into the existing beats, so it is very cohesive as a song.

The presentation of new musicality is a very delicate thing, and it needs to be fully digested and balanced within oneself as a good piece of music.

I cannot evaluate something that does not do that.

December 21,2009 Freakz


I wonder, is it still called “Gravity Blast”, or has it taken hold?

But I feel like I’m writing a great thing…sorry Origin fans. They are a great band, really.

March 10,2022 Freakz