【SetList Prediction】Dream Theater “DOWNLOAD JAPAN 2022”


———-This is the first time for you to predict the set.

Yes, I predicted the set for “Dream Theater” who played the big show at DOWNLOAD JAPAN 2022.

———-It’s not easy to guess the set, since they have released many albums.

I didn’t actually get it right.

It might have been a hope rather than a prediction.

———-Well, it’s not so easy to be right, is it?

Yeah, I guess so.

But a lot of people watched it, and I thought it was pretty entertaining.

———-It’s quite different from the number of views of your original video.

That’s a sore point, I’m sure my videos will grow too.

———-I hope it happens soon.

I recorded it as a one-shot video.

No subtitles, just handmade panels.

———-That seems to make sense in terms of differentiation, doesn’t it?

I think so too, but there may already be people like that.

———-Don’t worry, there’s probably no one else out there with panda-like makeup.

Who says it’s “tarepanda”?

———-I didn’t say “tarepanda”, I missed it.

Well, this project seems to be well received, so I’ll do it again when I have a chance.

———-I’m looking forward to the next one.

Look forward to it, STAY METAL!

October 11,2022 Freakz


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