Bootleg -It’s Romantic-



Fans still want to buy them

These are so-called copycat, such as live albums that are sold without official permission.

Many core fans collect bootlegs as well.

Bootlegs often have poor sound quality, and it is not uncommon to not be able to hear the performance clearly.

This is because many bootlegs are simply recorded at the venue with recording equipment.

Although many of them are of low quality, it is understandable that fans still want to buy them.

For enjoying the atmosphere of the live performance

For example, there are no official live albums from around the time “Slayer” released “Reign In Blood.”

I’d like to hear them live when they were young and shiny!

Therefore, it is more accurate to say that bootlegs are not for listening to the music, but for enjoying the atmosphere of the live performance.

Criticism of the sound quality would be uncalled for.

The proper way to enjoy a bootleg is to have all of the band’s songs on official recordings, and to listen to them while supplementing in your mind the parts that you cannot hear because the sound is muddled.

Supplement the inaudible parts in your brain

You should be doing the same thing with a car stereo or at a show venue.

The sound inside the car is the driving noise, and the sound pressure at the venue is so great that each part is not clearly audible.

The only way to enjoy the music is to supplement the inaudible parts in your brain.

As evidence of this, when I hear a song for the first time in the car or at a venue, I often end up not being able to grasp the appeal of the song.

Finally, bootlegs are considered a bad thing because they do a disservice to the artist.

Keep that in mind.

December 23,2010 Freakz


In the old days, bootlegs were usually sold in record stores.

It’s an amazing time when I think about it now.

Nowadays, we can watch any number of valuable videos on Youtube.

Now there is no need for bootlegs.

But, there was something romantic about bootlegs back then.

November 18,2022 Freakz