ConcertReport Pantera March 26,2023 Japan



In the beginning

Well, I just saw “Pantera” at LOUD PARK 23.

It was the song “Fucking Hostile” from the album “Vulgar Display of Power” that brought me into the world of metal.

I still clearly remember the shock of that moment.

I was 13 years old.

Now, today I am a witness to a legend.

The curtain was lowered with a big “Pantera” logo on it, and the show began!

Mouth for War

It’s here!

This song is inevitably exciting.

The riffs are like grinding rocks, the groove is catchy, and the excitement builds toward the end of the song.

The first song is perfect in every way.

The perfect kickoff to a perfect show.

A New Level

The band went into this song in the same order as on the “Vulgar Display of Power” album.

I guess I didn’t understand the appeal of this song until I was in high school.

The wiggly, head-scratching riffs and the intricately carved set of riffs elicit a tremendous sense of elation.

The intricately crafted rhythm part is interrupted by a pleasant break, and my body naturally shakes.

A masterpiece.

Strength Beyond Strength

The first track from the “Far Beyond Driven” album.

I was a junior high school student at the time, and this one also scared me with its power.

My classmates and I who loved metal music yelled “Stronger than all!”

My brother Vertical, who was watching the show with me, went into the mosh pit.

I was scared, so I watched from a little distance from the pit.


I knew that the set would consist only of classic songs, so the band played one after another, and Zakk Wylde’s guitar sounded like he was trying to recreate Dimebag Darrell’s sound.

By the way, unlike the studio version, the live version of this song has a break in the chorus and makes the audience sing along.

I knew that from the live album, but it was fun to actually sing it.

I’m Broken

Another classic song from “Far Beyond Driven”.

It is only the follow-up to the “Vulgar Display of Power” album, which reached its ultimate point, and gives the impression of being heavier and sharper in character.

The song is full of unexpected breaks in the middle of the riff.

(It’s not unusual now, but it was surprising at the time.)

Use My Third Arm

Phil started by saying “This is a special song,” so maybe it wasn’t played in Osaka?

This song may not be a standard song, but it is a “A New Level” type of riff.

At the time, my brother Vertical was making My Best on cassette tape (everyone was making and listening to them back then), and I remember it well being included in it.

5 Minutes Alone

The standard tunes from “Far Beyond Driven” follow.

My body naturally responded to these songs because they were familiar ones that I have been listening to since long ago.

Unlike his younger days, Phil’s aura of calm and slow movement is amazing!

Rex has lost a lot of weight, but he seems to be having a lot of fun.

This Love

This is the kind of song that makes “Vulgar Display of Power” a great album.

The combination of a cool ballad and a violent riff is great.

The last part of the song, where the mathematical polyrhythmic riff slows down to a super-slow riff, is really irresistible.

(It’s not so common now, but it was a novelty at that time.)

Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit

This is the only song from the “Reinventing the Steel” album.

It can’t be helped that the great songs are stuck in two albums.

I wonder if there was already some discord among the band members during this period?

Fucking Hostile

I knew they would play!

The way Phil sings “Down”, I thought he wouldn’t be able to shout like this anymore, but he’s still got it, Phil!

This is a great song that makes me headbang like crazy, and I wish I had seen more of it on stage.

Planet Caravan

A cover of “Black Sabbath” recorded at the end of “Far Beyond Driven”.

When I was a kid, I didn’t know that it was a cover song, and I thought they would include such a ballad at the end.

Charlie Benante also came out in front of the drums and played percussion.

It was a moving moment.


This song is the best example of how original the riff of “Pantera” was.

(It may seem ordinary now.)

This riff in particular has a rhythm that matches the theme of the lyrics, “Walk”.

This is not easy to do.

Just as “Valse du Petit Chien” brings to mind the image of a puppy running around, “Walk” brings to mind the image of a human being walking with a firm will.

No way, punk!


Like “This Love,” this song is a mix of a ballad and an intense part.

The melody at the beginning of the song is very beautiful, but unfortunately, this time the song is played from the intense part.

Cowboys from Hell

The last song is this.

It was the moment when the identity of “Pantera” was established.

Of course, the audience cheered loudly.

It was too much fun to shout “Kabozeme!” with the audience.

At the end

I forgot which song it was, but I think the riff of “By Demons Be Driven” appeared, but I forgot.

Maybe it was my imagination.

I was also impressed by the way Phil talked twice with Japanese-speaking staff members who interpreted for him.

I could see that he was really enjoying himself.

So, it was a very satisfying concert.

I am really looking forward to a permanent activity.

I’m sure it will be even more fun to hear rare songs.

“Pantera” is great!

May 17,2023 Freakz