KURA -Key role-



Created an outstandingly clear sound quality

KURA is the guitarist of QP-Crazy.

He joined the band from the album “Deathporno 21 Animal”.

Before he joined, QP-Crazy did not have a guitarist, so the band changed to a harder musical style.

He also produced the album and created an outstandingly clear sound quality.

The sound quality of “Tank Mountain Zoo” is especially noteworthy, and it is hard to believe that it is an indie source.

When KURA joined QP-Crazy, it was during the period of transition of Murder Chlorinated Vinyl from low-quality ghetto music (which some people loved) to high-quality punk rock.

Perhaps KURA was a key player in this transition.

I welcome the musical change of Murder Chlorinated Vinyl, so I am also happy to see QP-Crazy’s high quality.

He result highlights the high level of KURA’s sound production ability

I listened to QP-Crazy’s latest release, “Hell Within Hell.”

I haven’t listened to it enough times yet, so I can’t judge whether the songs are good or bad.

However, I did not like the sound quality.

The sound quality was muddy and muffled, and I couldn’t make out any of the technical playing.

It seems that a new guitarist has joined the band, and he is producing the album.

The result highlights the high level of KURA’s sound production ability.

Although it may be a matter of taste, I feel that the production should be returned to KURA.

February 23,2010 Freakz


I have received information that QP-Crazy is going to perform live with the return of the Crazy SKB.

I was making some complaints about the sound quality, but I should be happy that the band is back.

We don’t know what kind of lineup they will be playing with.

I heard that Tsuzi-Q has gone back to his hometown….

Will KURA be in band?

We, as fans, have no choice but to look forward to the show, including this aspect.

May 11,2022 Freakz