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I got my heavy metal information from the radio station “HM Syndicate”

I first discovered “Blind Guardian” when I was in high school.

It was shortly before the album “Imaginations from the Other Side” was released.

At that time, I did not have an Internet connection at home, so I got my heavy metal information from the radio station “HM Syndicate”.

The song “I’m Alive” was introduced in the program.

I had already liked “Helloween” by that time, and the groundwork for German metal had already been laid in me.

But it was still a great shock to me.

The contrast between stillness and movement was remarkable and new

The beautiful melody and the feeling of moving fast that are indispensable for German metal.

In addition, the contrast between stillness and movement was remarkable and new.

No other band I knew at the time used such contrast.

Also, unlike “Helloween,” the well-crafted and complex song structures were new to me.

I remember that I could not wait for the release of the album “Imaginations from the Other Side,” so I bought the previous album “Somewhere Far Beyond” and listened to it while waiting for its release.

The latest release matched my sensibilities perfectly, and I listened to it like crazy.

The band began to take the next step

I also have their past albums and they have become a band that I cannot miss.

But after “Imaginations From The Other Side,” the music of “Blind Guardian” underwent a series of changes.

The German metal feel of the band gradually declined.

The familiar melodies disappeared, and the band began to take the next step, adopting Celtic melodies.

The feeling of moving fast is also gradually decreasing.

However, I like the ballads and mid-tempo songs before “Imaginations From The Other Side,” so the loss of familiar melodies seems to be the biggest blow to me.

In the meantime, I have all their works up to this point, but I probably won’t buy their next album.

I don’t blame them for the change in musicality.

I just don’t buy them because they are not to my taste.

They cherish their old fans

I saw their concert coupled with “Angra” about 4 years ago.

I got the feeling that they cherish their old fans, and I liked that.

The song selection was a mix of old and new.

As soon as the intro of “I’m Alive” started, I smiled at my friend who was standing next to me.

When I first learned of the band’s existence, they were a mid-tier band, but time flies, and now they are a major force in the music scene.

They will always have a special place in my heart.

July 27,2010 Freakz


I said, “I probably won’t buy their next album”, but I did buy “Beyond The Red Mirror”.

People’s thoughts change over time, don’t they?

Maybe I felt left out and lonely as “Blind Guardian” began its quest for further growth.

I’m sure all the people who are upset about the change in musicality are the same way.

I was excited when they performed “Imaginations from the Other Side” in its entirety at LOUD PARK, and I think Hansi Kürsch’s high tones came out well.

March 25,2022 Freakz