ConcertReport LOUD PARK17 Day2 October 15,2017 Japan



In the beginning

Yes, so it was the second day.

I arrived late because I overslept a little, and when I got there, “Black Earth” by Secret Act was playing.

Black Earth

But I didn’t expect them to go into the concert as a secret act.

I looked to my left and saw Mr. Miyamoto of Trooper.

I wondered if he had come to see how much the band he had set up was enjoying the show.

I saw “Black Earth” from the middle of the show, but was glad to hear the early underground “Arch Enemy.”

I especially liked “Bury Me an Angel” (it was such a shock at the time) and wanted to hear it, but unfortunately I think I missed it.

I don’t dislike Johan Liiva’s voice on the album, but it was not so good on this day.

His growl was not sharp, and he sounded very amateurish.

The highlight of the show was the twin solos by the Amott brothers, especially the last part “Fields of Desolation,” which gave me goosebumps.

The sight of the Amott brothers clapping their fists together after their solos must have moved many people.


I went to the sales without seeing “Outrage”.

I missed buying the “Brujeria” Trump shirt yesterday, but… no!

I heard it was completely sold out, darn it.

I had no choice but to buy a shirt of “Cradle of Filth,” finished my breakfast, and returned to the venue.


I had already heard the new “Apocalyptica” album and really liked it, but this time they were only going to play a cover of “Metallica.”

The cello and drums alone had a tremendous impact and seemed to attract the audience.

The performance was very good, with headbanging and rolling around on the ground.

The cello playing of famous songs like “Master of Puppets”

and “Battery” was a sight to behold.

The audience sang along with the famous songs, “Master!” “Battery!”.

It was difficult to find the right moment to shout.

The beat was so weirdly arranged (a compliment) that if you were not good at it, you might make a mistake.


Moving to the BIG ROCK STAGE, the band played “Loudness.”

The band played all the famous songs, and Takasaki Akira’s performance was still a masterpiece.

However, the volume balance of each part was uneven.

It was a pity that I could not hear Niihara Minoru’s voice very well.

I remember that the balance was better the last time I saw the show.

Devin Townsend Project

We moved to the ULTIMATE STAGE again (my legs were killing me) to see the “Devin Townsend Project”.

His new work was quite good, and I really wanted to see it up close.

I have not heard his previous works, though.

“Failure” was great,

and above all, “Higher” was fantastic!

It’s a 9-minute-plus prog-rock masterpiece, but it has a certain charm to it.

Cradle of Filth

After a short break, I prepared for “Cradle of Filth.”

Dani’s presence was still amazing.

I was satisfied with the performance, even though they didn’t play many songs from the ones I had previewed.

It was funny to hear him say “Come on!” at the end of each song.


After a short break (my stamina was not up to par), I prepared for “Sabaton.”

The crowd was as popular and excited as ever.

I also laughed at “Baka!” was also funny.

Joakim told the new guitarist that “Baka” means “Cheers,” and the audience called out “Baka.”

(In fact, “Baka” denotes a fool.)

This kind of comedy is one of the charms of “Sabaton.”

It was too much fun to jump up and down to “To Hell and Back.”

One regret was that Joakim often sang while looking down.

Gene Simmons Band

The next band was the “Gene Simmons Band,” which played a lot of “Kiss” songs.

Starting with “Deuse,”

the band went on to “Do You Love Me,”

“Shout It Out Loud,” and more.

I thought the fans breaking onto the stage and getting into it was a great touch.

I laughed when Gene said “…Get off” with a wry smile at the end of the song.

Michael Schenker Fest

Then the big finale was “Michael Schenker Fest”.

Schenker’s guitar is now truly god-class.

Just listening to his guitar made me happy.

Graham Bonnet was also popular.

The audience laughed a little when he appeared in a shiny silver suit.

Even though the setlist was almost the same as the live version, I still enjoyed it.

The last song “Doctor Doctor” was even impressive.

The audience cheered loudly at the introduction.

It was a very suitable ending for this year’s show.

At the end

And that was the end of this year’s LOUD PARK.

Although it seems smaller than usual (it’s a two-stage event, after all), LOUD PARK is always a lot of fun.

I hope the festival will return to three stages next year.

It’s easy to criticize the festival by looking for the smallest of details.

But I still love this festival to death.

I really plan to go for the rest of my life.

I’m looking forward to next year!

October 20,2017 Freakz


I thought it was me who wrote the smallest of details, but my feeling that I love LOUD PARK to death has not changed.

I wrote, “I’m looking forward to next year!” but at this point I had no idea that it would not take place the following year.

I am not the only one who is madly in love with the return of LOUD PARK this year.

The second round of artists announced is also good.

The selection was well thought out, as I would expect.

Two weekends in a row at the festival, money is flying in like wings, but I can’t help it.

It’s like I’m working for the sake of it, and as I get older, my stamina will decline, so I may not be able to enjoy it as much as I’d like.

Above all, I may die tomorrow.

This is the end of my report on the past LOUD PARK I have seen.

The next report on LOUD PARK will probably be at the end of March.

January 31,2023 Freakz