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In the beginning

I have been to the tour final of “Jigoku-no-Dokeshi”!

It was very chic to have the final in their hometown, Aomori.

I was wearing a “Slayer” shirt, but everyone else was wearing a “Ningen Isu” shirt.

I found one guy wearing a “Helloween” T-shirt.

Good thing.

There seemed to be quite a few people in the audience.

It was packed to the back.

I drink a beer while “Thin Lizzy” is playing in the background to lift my spirits.

A few minutes later, the lights go down and the show begins!


The usual opening song.

Yuki-Onna  Snow Woman

One of my favorite songs from the new album.

I guess it was well received at the live performance, or maybe it will become a regular song since it is played often.

The audience at the final show was quite friendly and excited right from the start.

The quiet part in the middle part was, as I think I’ve said before, brilliant.

Kaijin-Nijumenso  Twenty Faces of the Monster

The intro brought cheers from the audience.

The bass line imitating a siren is excellent.

However, I feel like I haven’t heard this song in a very long time.

The three vocalists are all mixed together, so it’s fun to listen to.

Uchu-karano-Iro  The Colour out of Space

This song has a complicated development, which is their specialty.

Still, it is a catchy and even pop song.

Wow, the performance is great.

Ningen Isu is on a roll.

Sanzu-no-Kawa  Styx

I was glad to hear this song since it was not played at the last concert.

It’s a simple riff, but I can tell that it was carefully thought out to make it pleasant to listen to.

I would have loved to listen to the main riff all the time.

Kyoki-Sammyaku  At the Mountains of Madness

This is the first time I have seen Wajima play the theremin.

The diagram of him alternating between guitar and theremin is quite interesting.

The middle part of the song, when it gets faster, was pretty exciting.

It was fun to shout “Kyoki!”


If Wajima played a double-necked guitar, it would be this song.

Suzuki said he was thinking of having a triple bass to compete with it.

He said it has three necks, but it sounds the same no matter which one he play.

Well, the song seems to have been rearranged in a lower key.

The high notes always sounded painful to Wajima.

Kyohu-no-Daioh  The Great King of Fear

The stability of the performance is not half bad.

Wajima’s singing has an effect on it.

I remember it wasn’t applied last time I heard them, so they must have improved it.

The song is complex and good.

Hoich-Junan  Hoichi’s Passion

This is a great song.

It’s so exciting.

The sense of unity between the band and the audience is amazing.

Every riff makes my body move on its own.

Especially, the riff of the verse is excellent.

Kurai-Nichiyobi  Gloomy Sunday

I’ve listened to this song many times.

The lyrics of this song are superb as well as the music.

It was written in plain words only, not in the esoteric style of Ningen Isu, but they stick in my mind.

I feel like I could sing the whole thing by myself.

Odoru-IssunBoshi  Dancing Dwarf

Suzuki got into the groove.

Suzuki’s performance was a sight to behold as he swung and swirled.

Only in this song, Wajima didn’t come out in front of the guitar solo.

Because Suzuki’s movement was too amazing.

Tokyo Bondage

Oh, I heard this song live for the first time.

It’s a simple slow riff, but it’s comfortable.

The solo was long, so I enjoyed it a lot.

Chou-nouryoku-ga-Atta-nara  If I had super powers

The Nobu corner.

The melody is simple, but the arrangement is quite elaborate.

It is amazing that the riff of the chorus is already sounding in the background of the bridge.

Last, Hi! Hi! made my voice dry up.

Umi-Monogatari  Pus Story

This one is cool again.

I have heard this song several times, but it sounded cooler than usual.

The grotesque lyrics are becoming more and more addictive.

I had a lot of fun jumping up and down during the chorus, imitating the other audience members.

I recommend this groove.

Ai-no-Kotoba-o-Kazoeyo  Let’s Count the Words of Love

It’s a pop song, but it still sounds like Ningen Isu when I listen to it now.

It sounds like Black Sabbath, and the drums are pretty fast.

It’s a song with a rhythm not often heard in Ningen Isu.

Hari-no-Yama  Hell’s Mountain of Needles

A classic song.

No wonder it doesn’t get people excited.

No need to explain.

Shincho-Kyurakyukyu-Bushi  New tune Kyurakyukyu-bushi

Encore from here.

The fine strumming of the guitar was pleasant.

Kyu-kyu-kyu, bun-ga-cha-cha, it’s so much fun.

Jigoku-no-Kyuuen  Hell’s Ball Party


I wanted to hear this song that I didn’t get to hear on the record release concert!

I see, we had to turn our hands around at the “Gurun Gurun” part.

The audience split up and shouted during the part where Wajima and Suzuki were singing to each other.

This is fun! Too much fun!

I wanted to hear it one more time.


I expected “Dottoharai” since it was the final show, but I was wrong.

As usual, they finished with “Namahage.”

Suzuki’s facial expressions are getting more and more escalated.

How will it evolve in the future?

At the end

Ningen Isu has already announced the next tour date.

They are really active and energetic.

I’m definitely going to the next one!

August 29,2016 Freakz


When I talked to Nobu earlier, he told me that they rearranged “Yashagaike” by lowering the key at first, but it didn’t feel right, so they changed it back to the original key and Nobu sang it.

I was drunk, and I remember I was afraid to suggest to him that they should have a configuration in which Nobu sang two songs again.

Nobu was kind.

March 9,2023 Freakz