ConcertReport Seikimaⅱ February 19,2016 Japan



In the beginning

I went to the event of “Seikima II”, titled, “Earth Debut 30th Anniversary, Limited Time Reunion, Daikoku Mass FINAL~” “First Appeal” for a retrial in hell.

It was the tour final at Budokan.

I really wanted to see the “Second Appeal”, but had to give it up for various reasons.

When I got out of the nearest station, I saw a few people with corpse paint here and there.

It was a strange sight, Demon with Xenon walking around the station.

It made me feel excited.

After filling up at a ramen shop, we headed for the Budokan.

There seemed to be a lot of duffers.

We got in line for the devil’s goods, but the line was too long.

Deciding that we would not make it in time for the show, we left the line and went inside the Budokan.

There would be another chance to buy some on the way home.

I usually have a beer before a concert, but Budokan doesn’t seem to sell beer.

I take a seat in the back of the arena and wait for the demons to appear.

Seikima II Mass No. II “The First Century”

The lights went down, the sound effects came on, and all the members except for Demon appeared on stage.


As declared, they seemed to reproduce their second album “The End of the Century” and started with the first song of the album.

The riffs were excellent, building up the listeners’ anticipation.

Unfortunately, the band did not play the whole song, and in the middle of the song, Demon appeared from the coffin.

I liked the development of the album’s recording, which was beautifully constructed, but it couldn’t be helped.

Watching Demon’s devilish movements lifted my spirits.

The End of the Century

One of my favorite songs.

The riff with a sense of speed and the well-crafted composition are really excellent.

Oh, Demon can hit the high notes.

I am amazed at the toughness of his vitality even though he is 100053 years old.

I could feel the professionalism of the singer, as if it was transparent that he had carefully adjusted his throat and peaked his voice.

Demon’s Night

I am glad that he seems to reproduce the narration between the songs.

It is a mid-tempo and simple riff, but the structure is quite well thought out, so I never got bored.

The riffs with dissonant interjections are wonderful.

We can’t help but pump our fist in the air and shout “Night!”.

Especially, the modulation and tempo change after “Hahaha, you’ll see me in your dream” was very exciting.

Devil’s Hymn

Demon’s MC before the song.

This was very funny and made me laugh a lot.

After getting the audience excited, by saying,”Be quiet!”, and kicked off the song.

It was a slow ballad, but the melody was catchy.

The riff of the main theme is similar to “Eagle Fly Free” by “Helloween”.

A masterpiece with no throwaway songs.

Jack the Ripper

This is a cool song.

The tempo is faster than the album.

He raises our hands in the air and says “Kill!”.

This song is really like “Seikima II”, a song that is so like the devil that it gave me goosebumps.

Wax Museum

Another hilarious MC before the song.

When Damon says, “I hear a girl scream,” the guests scream in response.

Then the daemon says, “A girl?”.

Finally, the demon says, “I hear a mature woman scream”.

The audience screams and he says, “I wish I didn’t hear it.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

The song was, of course, a well-known one.

It was a great sight to see the audience singing along and gradually getting more and more excited.

The band was different from ordinary bands.

Weird Plants

A slow song with a throbbing sound.

His high tone was amazing.

This is what it means by “ghoulish”.

Damian’s world explodes.

It is similar to early Ningen Isu…

Fire after Fire

This is another great song composed by Jail.

The single-note riffs are folded up as many times as possible.

It is a cool riff.

At the end of the song, a flame blows up to the sound of “Fire!” I was so surprised to see the flame!

I felt the heat even though there was a long distance to the flames.

It was the most outstanding performance of the show.


There was a short break here.

The audience laughed as a gag-like story was told to match the last story of the second album.

My feet were tired, so I was very thankful for this break.

During the intermission, the audience was also treated to some strange shenanigans, such as when the lights were supposed to be turned off, but instead came back on again.

I can imagine Demon laughing backstage.

Go Ahead!

I was not used to listening to this song because I had not studied it enough.

I see, this is why they had prepared an acoustic guitar.

I could enjoy the concert without any preparation, since “Seikima II” has absolute confidence in their performance at festivals.

Demon appeared with an axe.

It was funny to see that he had trouble getting the axe to stand up and had to fine-tune it several times.

Adam’s apple

A pop song with a great riff and groove.

Especially the intro riff, shockingly cool.

The gradually intensifying structure toward the end is also good, and the frequent breaks are irresistible.

The plan is that each member bites an apple and presents it to the audience.

I guess this is something they do every time.

However, it seems that there is a rule against throwing things from the stage at the Budokan, so a raffle was held to determine the winner.

I wonder if the winners took their gifts home with them.

Secret Garden

I did not know this song due to my lack of knowledge.

However, the stability of the performers was unparalleled.

Demon is still a good singer.

Overture ~ Winner!

This is the best of the pop songs of “Seikinma II”.

The melody of the chorus of “Winner!” is so beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes.

I’m amazed that they were able to create such high quality pop music from the devil’s line.

Bad Again ~Beautiful Rebellion

This is the song I wanted to hear.

A beautiful melody comparable to “Winner!”.

I only recently became a fan and fell in love with the song after listening to the best of album, but my friend who went with me said he knew the song.

Was it a well-known hit song?

A great ballad.

Brand New Song

This song is Luke’s confident work, and it seems to be sophisticated.

The rhythm of the song is just like LUNA SEA.

Ummm, it is very cool.


Of course, this song was the last song.

It was the last song of the breakup live show.

The genuine believers cry here.

The phrase “Hurry up and go” brings tears to our eyes.

With this, the mass ended.

I see…”Seikima II” doesn’t have encores, does it?

At the End

Even after the show, Demon, though he didn’t show himself, incited the audience with his MC.

What an entertainer he is, even though he is a devil.

I don’t remember where it entered, but each member’s MC was also funny.

Of course, the “Yeah” guy was funny, but Raiden’s episodic talk was also excellent.

He went to a concert where there was a poster of a copy band of “Seikima II”, and the only thing they couldn’t copy was that RAIDEN’s nipples didn’t have hairs on them.

He had no choice but to add hairs with a magic marker.

It was interesting that the copy band member was also at the event, and Raiden talked with him for a while from the second floor.

Demon warned him that this was not a live music club.

Anyway, it was a day that showed us the power of a veteran band.

As I listened to the music, I began to wonder why I had not heard this band before.

Perhaps there are a lot of people in Japan who feel this way, and this is probably the reason for the recent increase in the number of live performances.

I’m in a quandary.

I can’t help it, I want to see them live show again.

I just hope that they will reunite again soon, and not just for the 35th anniversary.

Needless to say, I got in line for devil’s goods and bought a T-shirt on my way home.

February 23,2016 Freakz


After a long delay in Corona, the “Seikima II” tour is finally starting.

The name of the tour is “35++ Daikoku Mass Tour”, which is a re-union of “Seikima II” for an extended period of time.

I will not be able to attend the service this time, but I hope all the believers who are going will enjoy themselves.

But the devil is strong.

He has taken advantage of the Corona disaster to do a “Video Black Mass” tour and release a new work.

That new work is also available on cassette tape.

Why don’t they work consistently, not once every five years anymore?

You know, Majesty Damian Hamada has made his debut.

It would be a big event if they could tour with all of them together.

October 18,2022 Freakz