ConcertReport LOUD PARK15 Day2 October 11,2015 Japan



In the beginning

Well, I was short on sleep due to the night party (as is the case every year), but I went to venue again today.

I overslept a little.

“Gyze” was already playing when I arrived.

While “We Are Harlot” was playing, I left my luggage at the cloakroom, had breakfast, and drank beer.


The first band of the day is “Obituary.”

I don’t have all their albums, but I’ve loved this band since I was in junior high school.

They still play death metal without changing their attitude, and I respect them.

Mmmmmm, it’s comfortable.

This slow tempo is comfortable.

Of course, circle pits occur during the faster parts.

I also rush into the pit without any hesitation.

It’s fun to go around in circles.


Moving on.

Hamada Mari was already playing at the BIG ROCK STAGE.

She is quite metal and her super high tone voice is amazing.

The crowd gets even more excited when Takasaki Akira appears on stage in a flashy outfit.

He also participated in the recording of Hamada Mari.


Next was “Kamelot.”

The band’s latest album was quite good, and I enjoyed it in the arena in front of the venue.

Tommy Karevik, the vocalist, sang too well.

Although he doesn’t sing in a metal style in many parts, he is very good.

He sings high notes well, and he’s a good looking guy.

He may have lost his patience with the audience’s enthusiastic cheering, but he came down to the audience shouting “Everybody!”

This aspect of him is also attractive.

If he had just been cool, I don’t think I would have liked him this much.

I thought I saw someone like Judy Ongg in the middle of the show, but it was Alissa from “Arch Enemy”!

Oh, I remember she was a guest on the new album.

I was impressed by the way the two vocalists sang together.

I think this was the most exciting moment of the “Kamelot” concert.

I was especially surprised by “Liar Liar”.

I thought Alissa was only doing the growl, but I was surprised to hear her clean voice as well!

What the heck, Alissa can sing just fine!

Not only is she good looking, but she can growl, perform, and do a good clean voice…no way, she is impeccable!

I was shocked.

Pretty Maids

It was lunch between “Pretty Maids”.

Dark Tranquillity

During the performance of “Dark Tranquillity,” I was sitting on the floor, slumped over.

I didn’t like the new album much.

Soldier of Fortune feat. Mike Vescera

Next was “Soldier of Fortune feat. Mike Vescera” on the BIG ROCK STAGE, but I watched it on the ULTIMATE STAGE side.

I wanted to see “Sabaton” at the front of the stage.

This unit, which is mostly “Loudness,” played many well-known songs, and it was quite exciting.

Takasaki Akira’s powerful performance was indeed impressive, and it seems that no one can imitate it.


After the end of the show, “Sabaton” started.

A large tank was set up on the stage.

The bottoms were camouflage prints matching the members of the group.

It is not often that the members appear together on stage.

First of all, I was overwhelmed by the vocalist’s performance.

He ran around the stage, moving energetically and singing enthusiastically.

The enthusiasm of the singers seemed to have excited many of the audience (I was one of them).

Between songs, the audience was in a state of unbelievable welcome, calling out “Sabaton”.

The band members seemed to be pleased with the welcome, and they smiled and talked with a smile on their face.

They seemed very happy, saying they had goosebumps.

They are not young, but it was their first visit to Japan, and they were so fresh that I was more than happy to see them.

This year’s LOUD PARK, I think the top prize goes to “Sabaton”.

Maybe, but I think many people felt the same way.

I haven’t seen “At The Gates,” so I can’t say for sure, but it probably wouldn’t have been as good.

I had only prepared for the new album, so of course they had to play songs I didn’t know, but the music was catchy, with jumps and choreography that made it easy to get on, and I never got tired of it.

This is a great thing.

I think the audience who had done no advance preparation for the show was not bored at all.

Wow, I have so many things to write about “Sabaton.”

During the performance, there were some signs with a skull pattern on them, and some kind of workers came out and did some kind of work.

It was probably direction.

I have never seen a metal band do that before.

Is there a precedent for this in metal bands?

It was also very innovative and good.

It was also amazing to see the contrived performance in between and during the songs.

I have never seen such a band before.

Awesome, I love it.

I was very impressed with the “Smoke on the Water” and the contrivances between songs at the end.

The vocalist took off his glasses and sang with dull eyes at the end, as if he was so happy with the audience’s reaction that he did it specially or every time he does it.

It was a wonderful performance.

I hope they come back for a one-man show.

I’ll definitely go.

Napalm Death

Well, “Sabaton” was over.

I went to the EXTREME STAGE.

I’m going to see “Napalm Death” at the front.

It’s already a mess in the circle pit.

Everyone was going round and round during the faster parts.

We were pushing and shoving each other during the blast beats.

I can’t keep up the stamina.

I was also happy to see them perform some legendarily short songs like “You Suffer”

and “Dead”.

Vocalist Mark Andrew “Barney” Greenway’s sick performance was also excellent.

He was neither long-haired nor skinny, but rather in a completely normal outfit, which was also morbid and scary in its own way.

Did they have too much time left at the end?

They played “Siege of Power”, probably improvising.

It was very exciting.

They are the originator of glidecore for nothing.


On the ULTIMATE STAGE, “Dragonforce” had already started playing.

I wanted to see “Carcass” just a little bit, so I watched from the back of the stage.

The performance was just too fast.

Vocalist Marc Hudson’s high tone is getting better and better.

Not many vocalists have a voice like this.

Herman Li’s performance was also shocking, as he licked the strings.

This band just keeps getting better and better.

I was about to move on to “Carcass” when “Symphony of the Night” started.

I had to listen to this song because I love it so much.

After this song, let’s move on to the EXTREME STAGE.


Now, “Carcass”.

But this year, however, there is also a Helloween concert at the same time.

After listening to a few songs, I was ready to move on.

Midway through the show, Jeff Walker agitated, “Shouldn’t you go see Helloween?”

Well, that was really painful.

I was encouraged, and even though I was wearing a “Carcass” T-shirt, I watched “The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills” and moved on.

Unfortunately, that was all I could do.


I watched “Helloween” on the ULTIMATE STAGE side in preparation for “Megadeth” at the end of the show.

The medley of “Halloween” ~

“Sole Survivor” ~

“I Can” ~

“Keeper of the Seven Keys” was also wonderful.

The way they posed for each part and then left one by one was also excellent.


The last two songs, “Future World”

and “I Want Out” were also great.

Both songs were composed by Kai, so it was a bit strange, but good is good.

Now, the last song “Megadeth”.

I’ll write about it in another article.

2023.1.6 Freakz


I feel my movement is good 7 years ago.

I don’t have the confidence to move around so much now physically.

I became a fan of “Gyze” after that and went to their live show several times.

The collaboration between Hamada Mari and Takasaki Akira is also impressive.

I still sometimes watch the video I recorded on WOWOW.

Now, will Mari come to Knotfest?

It says that I was surprised at how good Alissa’s clean voice was that year, and she would later use it in “Arch Enemy” as well.

It’s a good experiment.

“Sabaton” was a real crowd pleaser that year.

I wonder if that’s what they mean when they say a venue is on fire.

Later, I saw the show again at LOUD PARK, but it was not as exciting as this year’s show.

The reason for this is unknown.

Live performance is a real thing, and it is difficult.

Herman Li’s character is getting better and better.

It’s kind of eerie in a good way, or, uh, hard to describe.

Herman is handsome.

Now, I wonder when the next lineup will be announced, I’m looking forward to it.