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In the beginning

So, another article.

I will write about “Megadeth” in LOUDPARK15.

Hungar 18

The band started with one of the most famous songs of all time.

The audience was swaying and shaking.

Few songs have such a beautiful composition.

The melodious first half and the raging guitar battle in the second half.

It was really a decent production.

I guess they don’t play this kind of music anymore.

I remember that my friends who don’t like metal only knew this song.


Next is the first song from the new album “Super Collider”, with a riff that sounds like “Megadeth”.

The structure is not as complicated as in the past, but the riffs are still cool.

Wake Up Dead

Another popular song.

It is from the second album “Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?”.

What an anomaly, isn’t it?

The vocals are almost an afterthought, and the riffs are as intricate as ever.

I love this riff structure that is just on the edge of overthinking.

It’s the charm of the early days.

It was so much fun!

In My Darkest Hour

A song from the third album “So Far, So Good… So What!”.

The third album is the least impressive album of “Megadeth” and this song is also not my favorite.

It doesn’t resonate with me that much.

Dave Mustaine also says it was an album he made because he wanted drugs.

The dark atmosphere is good.

Sweating Bullets

Another popular song.

Shuffle beat and almost narrative vocals.

The audience in the back was singing almost perfectly.

She Wolf

A great song from the album “Cryptic Writings”.

This is my favorite song.

He sang it well while strumming a fine riff.

The last solo in the style of “Iron Maiden” is excellent and really impressive.

Public Enemy No.1

I was wondering what this song was about.

A catchy song from the album “Th1rt3en”.

I wonder if they are playing it these days?

Tornade Of Souls

A famous song from the masterpiece “Rust In Peace”.

I love this song with well-crafted riff.

But “Rust In Peace” is full of great songs.

For example, I prefer “Take No Prisoners”, but this one seems to be more popular.

When Mustaine played a light riff before the song started, the audience cheered “Tornado!”.

It’s like a solo riff.


I like this song even though it’s pop for “Megadeth”.

Good things are good.

The toms at the intro made the audience cheer.

I really like this song because of its mood.

A Tout Le Monde

A gem of a ballad in the “Megadeth” style.

I’m doing a ballad feature on “Headbang”(Japanese magazine), and I’d like to include this one.

The audience in the back sang this almost perfectly.

He must be a big fan.

Cold Sweat

I wondered what song this was… for the second time.

It’s a song from the new album, and I haven’t studied it enough.

Symphony Of Destruction

Another famous song.

It’s a middle tempo song with a brilliant melody.

I was jumping up and down while listening to it.

The audience behind me was saying “Megadessssss, megadessssss” to the riff of the theme.

Okay, so this is how we get into the rhythm.

Peace Sells

If you hear a light bass, it’s this song.

The vocals are almost like a storyteller, and if you put them in karaoke, you’ll get hurt.

I have experienced it once.

The chorus is usually sung by the audience, but I don’t know the lyrics.

I was saved by the audience behind me, who was always perfect.

I like the ending of the song.

Holy Wars…. The Punishment Due

I felt the end of the show, and the end of LOUDPARK15, when the intro riff started.

I used to listen to this song on cassette tape when I was in junior high school.

One of the coolest riffs in metal history.

I jumped into the circle pit that was formed in the back and listened to it while rioting.

The excitement was unbelievable.

This song also has a great composition and I give it a perfect score.

I just love the narrative that comes from the beauty of the composition.

Oh, I’m so glad to be alive…

At the end

That’s the end of “Megadeth”.

It was the first time for me to see “Megadeth” live.

I have seen them many times on DVD, so I always thought Mustaine was a cool performer.

And this time was no exception.

I was happy to see Mustaine raising his hand in the air during the performance, which made me smile.

Mustaine, who was said to be a brash and unprincipled person, seems to have settled down as he has grown older.

That is not a bad thing.

After all, the Big 4 have been around.

They’re different from their followers who are a little behind.

Mustaine genius.

Kiko Loureiro’s playing is also fine.

No discomfort.

I don’t care who the other guitarist is, because “Megadeth” = Mustaine.

As long as he can play “Megadeth” songs at a certain level, I don’t mind at all if he is not the master Kiko.

I buy “Megadeth” albums whenever they are released.

And that’s a pretty short span of time.

They are all great, but once again, I have to hope for an absolute masterpiece like “Rust In Peace”.

I will support Mustaine for the rest of my life!

October 18,2015 Freakz


It’s been a long time since LOUDPARK has been held, and I realize how lucky I was to be able to attend these festivals.

So, will the August download festival really be held?

The one I’m most interested in is “Code Orange,” and I am also looking forward to seeing “Soulfly”.

And after all, I can’t wait to see “Dream Theater”.

July 20,2022 Freakz