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I wonder how many roles one person plays

———-So you made a music video for a song on the album?

Yeah, it’s finally done.

———-It takes time, doesn’t it?

Yeah, I don’t have a cameraman, a makeup artist, a stylist, or a filmmaker.

I wonder how many roles one person plays.

———-It’s tough, isn’t it, having no friends?

Oh, come on, I do have friends, just very few of them.

———-Did you have a hard time making the video?

Well, I used Adobe’s Premiere Pro application for editing, and the first thing I had to do was learn how to use it.

And I bought a book to get into it.

———-You haven’t read it?

I only read the basics.

I prefer to learn while I make things.

———-Well, in this day and age, we can find most things by Google.

That kind of thing.

I can change the speed of a video, trim it, correct the color tones, chroma key compositing, and so on.

It’s all manageable.

———-It’s all in shape now.

Of course, from a professional’s point of view, it’s just for fun, but in the past, we couldn’t do this kind of thing, so I’m a lucky guy.

I purposely avoided any sense of consistency or narrative

———-What is the theme of the music video?

I purposely avoided any sense of consistency or narrative.

Experts are overwhelmingly strong in that kind of video.

There is no point in me making them.

I wanted to make something more absurd or nonsense.

———-For example?

Singing by the train tracks, dancing of some ethnic group, frequent cut-ins to the murderer’s mug shot, none of it relevant.

———-Does that mean it’s sloppy?

It’s not quite the same as sloppy, though.

It’s hard to explain.

Well, listeners nowadays don’t listen to music unless there is a video.

I wanted to offer something different if they were going to watch it.

———-It’s true that the music video is a bit too much information.

This song is one of the better ones.

I’ll be releasing something more extreme in the future, something that will be bombarded with information.

———-So, there’s something scattered in there. Something about…

Oops, better not say another word.

Unless you want to get shot through the heart with my tokarev.


You see that a lot in “The Legend of Zelda”, don’t you?

“Don’t tell anyone.”

———-What are you talking about?

Only those who know can know.

———-That’s it, another stupid riddle…

Shut up!

———-You’re acting like a queen.

I’m done with this interview, get dressed and get out!

———-I didn’t take off my clothes from the beginning, not at all.

Anyway, enjoy the cool rock with the video, STAY METAL!

July 21,2022 Freakz


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