ConcertReport LOUDPARK13(Day 2) October 20,2013 Japan



In the beginning

I had a lot to drink the night before, but I was in good spirits again today at LOUD PARK.

I quickly exchanged my drink ticket for a beer.

This kind of free atmosphere is what I love about LOUD PARK.

Metal Clone X

The first group, “Metal Clone X,” I watched in the arena.

The band plays a cover of “Momoiro Clover Z” in a metal style, but it’s still a good listen.

Martin Friedman’s playing ability is as good as I’d expect, and the arrangements are cool.

I had never seen the vocalist before, but Freddy Lim of “ChthoniC” made quite an impact.

He has paint on his face, so it is hard to tell where his eyes are.

The way he used two different growls was also quite creepy.

Yashiro Aki appeared as a surprise guest (wearing a kimono, of course).

She sang “Love of Rain” and a new song before leaving the venue.

The audience was quite excited to see such a well-known person.

Breaking Arrows

The next band, “Breaking Arrows,” I watched at my seat.

It seems that the band was created by the same people who played in “Siam Shade.”

It was neither good nor bad.

Not very impressive.


The next band, “Enforcer,” I watched in the arena.

I listened to it without any preparation, and it was very good.

It was a melodic metal song with a high tone vocals and a sense of speed.

It’s nice that the vocals have a hook.

I thought I would like to listen to this band a little bit.


I saw the next “Mokoma” at my seat, but I should have gone to the arena.

The band has a unique atmosphere.

The fact that they sang in their native language, which is not English, created a strange atmosphere.

The last song, in which they shouted “Atta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-doon” (that’s what it sounds like), had a particularly big impact on me.

It’s not just a band.


“Amorphis” was not my favorite, and I dozed off in my seat.

I was impressed by the way the vocalist swung her hair around and around like a valve hair, and screamed with both hands holding a weirdly shaped microphone.


“Babymetal” is treated as unorthodox, but it’s also very metal.

The music was good, and I thought it was worth a listen.

The images projected on the screen were elaborate and funny.

When a picture of a metal god was shown on the screen, the audience laughed.


I saw “Trivium” in the arena with high expectations, but it was surprisingly quiet.

I guess they are not young anymore, so we should not expect them to be fresh and energetic, but I thought they could have been a little more open.

Spiritual Beggars

“Spiritual Beggars” was also not to my taste, so I sat back and watched it.

I dozed off.


“Stratovarius” is a very well-known band and has a strong presence on the stage.

I wish I had seen this in the arena.

The audience was very excited, and even though I don’t have much of their music, I found it attractive enough.

The singing and playing were very consistent.

Last in Line

I saw “Last in Line” from my seat, and it was really cool, even though I wasn’t expecting it.

The vocals were very powerful.

The drum solo was also impressive.

It was a fun solo, with a good way to get the audience riled up.

Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie, who was the last performer in a hurry, left a strong impression in a sense.

It was the first time for me to see him live, so I was totally speechless at his technique.

He was indeed the king of the stage, and his stage presence was dignified.

However, his equipment was not in good condition, and there was noise from his guitar throughout the show.

Also, the composition of Yngwie and his amp in the center with the other parts on the left side of the stage didn’t feel right to me.

It is his solo, so to speak, but is this really a good show?

Yngwie seemed to be in a bad mood, probably because of the trouble.

His performance of tearing guitar strings and smashing guitars was very strong, though.

At the end

And that was the end of LOUD PARK 13.

I think I had a good time, even if I don’t know what to say about it.

Even now, a while after the show is over, I still feel intoxicated by the sweet memories of the event.

We’ll definitely go again next year!

How about 3 stages again?

October 30,2013 Freakz


I am writing this in a rather high-handed manner, but I was young myself, so please forgive me.

“Amorphis” is now my favorite band. I love their oriental atmosphere.

I should have seen “Babymetal” here.

I found them fascinating and they have gone so high that I can no longer get a ticket.

“Trivium” continues to evolve with each new album with more thoughtful arrangements.

This is still an exceptional band.

“Spiritual Beggars” is a must listen now.

I’m on a hard rock classic binge right now.

Now, LOUDPARK23 (can I write that?)

Who will be playing?

It’s exciting and fun to see the bands gradually being announced.

Well, no matter which bands appear, I’ll be there, and I’m sure it will be a fun day.

The “Pantera” theory has been circulating around the world, but let’s see.

If “Pantera” is going to be there, I’m going to have a bloody nose.

December 14,2022 Freakz