Between the Buried and Me -Mania-



Prog-rock with death metal flavors and other miscellaneous music

This is a great band.

One of the most addictive bands I’ve heard in the last 10 years.

The musicianship is like “prog-rock with death metal flavors and other miscellaneous music”.

Anyway, the music is intricately constructed and interesting to listen to.

Because of this complexity, it is difficult to understand the whole picture after just one listen.

After listening to it five or six times, you will discover more and more things like, “I didn’t know this part of the structure was like this,” and you will never get tired of it.

But that listening is not a chore, the music is like a narcotic that makes you want to listen to it more and more.

It may seem like a series of different parts, but in fact, there is a core to the whole

The musicality in which different parts are played one after another is not limited to this band.

“After the Burial”, which I have written about before, and “Cryptopsy” are also examples.

However, the weak point of this kind of band is that each song does not have its own color because of the accumulation of various parts.

I have written before that it would be better to put them all together in one song.

But “Between the Buried and Me” is different.

Each song has its own melody, riff, and chord progression.

It may seem like a series of different parts, but in fact, there is a core to the whole.

That is why each song is unique.

In this respect, I can’t help but feel that “Between the Buried and Me” is one level ahead of other bands.

Truly mind blowing

Not only is the assembly part well thought out.

The riffs, the melodies, they are all excellent.

The way they are connected with outstanding taste is truly mind blowing.

I wonder if they will come to Japan again.

I will definitely go to see them.

August 21,2012 Freakz


The fate of a band that mixes death metal with something else is that the death metal elements will become less and less.

This is probably a natural consequence of the strong desire to try something new.


“Deafheaven”, etc.

There are many people who totally deny the change itself.

Such a change is definitely not a bad thing.

March 18,2022 Freakz