Destruction -Unabated Speed-



B metal, for better or worse

Destruction is a German thrash metal band that is quite a heavyweight.

Together with “Kreator” and “Sodom”, they are sometimes referred to as the “German Thrash Triumvirate” in Japan.

I am also a big fan of thrash metal, so they are one of my favorites.

However, the music of “Destruction” feels B metal, for better or worse.

Every album is full of fast songs.

The drummer in the early days was not very good (which I like), but now, after a change of members, his performance is stable.

The sound production has also improved in recent albums, and the sound quality is robust and powerful.

And the riffs are cool, to say the least.

I get bored halfway through

Listening to these good points, it seems to me that the necessary conditions for thrash metal music have been met.

But when I listen to it, I get bored halfway through.

The reason for this is the monotony of the composition.

The song is composed of a small number of riffs in the same order, so the next development is predictable.

It’s like a comic show with a predictable ending, and it’s very boring.

The part of the album that is not as good as the Big 4

Perhaps some people prefer such a simple structure.

But if that is the case, it should be shorter.

There are quite a few moments that make me think, “Are they going to repeat the same thing again?”

I guess this is the part of the album that is not as good as the Big 4.

It’s a shame, because each riff is really cool.

November 6,2009 Freakz


Hmmm, now that I think about it, that’s too harsh an opinion.

Compared to the Big 4, it’s a step down, of course.

I respect the fact that they’re continuing the ongoing bombastic thrashing.

There are so many similarities in the recent growls that it’s hard to distinguish between them.

Schmier’s unique voice is addictive.

It makes me think how important individuality is.

August 10,2022 Freakz