KyoakuKyojinDan -SKB’s life work-



Most fundamental of Crazy-SKB’s activities

Crazy-SKB is a fairly energetic type of band player, and it is not unusual for him to be in three or four bands at the same time.

One of these bands is the “KyoakuKyojinDan”.

The most fundamental of Crazy-SKB’s activities is “KyoakuKyojinDan”.

It was also the first band he started.

The members of the group are not a fixed lineup, but rather are in a state of flux.

It is more like a solo project of Crazy-SKB.

Purest extraction of this brutality

Crazy-SKB has a variety of tastes, such as slander and current affairs, but one of its tastes is brutality.

It can be said that “KyoakuKyojinDan” is the purest extraction of this brutality.

Their latest work, “-Taboo- The Museum of the Cruelty and the Hidden Treasure” also shows an overwhelming sense of cruelty.

The extremity and cruelty of the lyrics are the best of Crazy-SKB’s recent activities.

The lyrics and music seem to enhance each other’s violence.

This is the Crazy-SKB, this is the killing vinyl chloride

The band were noise in their early years and heavy metal-leaning punk in their middle years.

The performance was not particularly technical, but the level of performance on this album is quite high.

The sound quality is tight and clear.

I like it much better than the new “QP-Crazy” album.

I would like to say that this is the Crazy-SKB, this is the killing vinyl chloride.

March 19,2010 Freakz


After six years of silence, the Crazy-SKB is finally making his move!

First of all, we have to wait and look forward to the new album to be released on August 15.

August 9,2022 Freakz