Concert Report “Graham Bonnet Band” March 16,2017 Japan



In the beginning

I went to the “Graham Bonnet Band” consert.

He is a legendary singer who has played in many bands and is 69 years old.

I had to see this show.

Shibuya O-EAST was packed with people.

My number was at the very end of the lineup, and I waited impatiently to be called.

Today’s show was sold out.

Graham’s popularity must be amazing.

After entering the venue, I left my luggage in a locker, drank a beer, and went to the front…I couldn’t go to the front anymore.

I settled down in the back of the stage.

The lights go down and the crowd cheers.

The show was about to start.

Eyes Of The World

The band started with a “Rainbow” song.

I don’t know why, but the drummer was different from the guy on the jacket.

But he was very good, and the music was tight.

The strings and keyboards were of perfect quality.

Each part was clearly distinguishable.

And it should be noted that Bonnette’s voice was very well done.

His vocals were so steady that at first I wondered if he was lip-synching.


California Air

Next up was the “Graham Bonnet Band”‘s new album “The Book”.

It was cool that the band proceeded without much MC.

But, Bonnet, isn’t your voice in good shape?

Or is it this quality every time?

This is a monster.


A song from Bonnet’s solo.

The hooked rhythm has a big impact.

Night Games

A famous song.

This one was a lot of fun.

It is so fun to sing “Night Games!” together.

The catchy melody stimulates the lachrymal gland.

Stand In Line

A famous song from “Impellitteri”.

Very well written song.

Bonnet’s vocal is, what can I say, 100 points perfect.

The quality is exactly the same as the studio version.


Into The Night

The lead track from the original.

As usual, the song progresses quickly with almost no MC.

Reminds me of the PV where we can look around 360 degrees.

It’s a great song with a fast and furious feeling.


A song from “Michael Schenker Group”.

Bright and melodic hard rock.

Bonnet says “Thank you Michael Schenker” at the end of the song.


Desert Song

Another song from the “Michael Schenker Group”.

The riff is so excellent that it seems as if a mirage is floating in my mind’s eye.

The slowness of the riff adds to the tension of the song.



A song from the new album.

A song that is a model of typical melodic hard rock.

Not so impressive song in the new album.

Since You Been Gone

A great song from “Rainbow”.

A song that will appeal to non-metal heads.

At the party the night before, I had expected that Bonnet would not play this song because he is 69 years old and would not be able to play it in key, but he is not that weak!

And the keys are perfect!

I was so happy and very impressed.

Assault Attack

A shuffle tune from the “Michael Schenker Group” three times.

The unique hook was pleasant to the rhythm.

Bonnet’s voice was getting a little tired.

All Night Long

A classic song from “Rainbow”.

Everyone in the audience must have been in the groove.

It is a song with such universality.

The fist-pumping “All night long!” was so much fun!

This was the end of the first part.

The bassist changed and the second part of “Alcatrazz” began.




Due to my lack of study, unfamiliar songs continue.

God Blessed Video

The guitar playing is so cool!

It’s very fast and exciting.

Will You Be Home Tonight

The keyboard intro is good and full of atmosphere!

Slow but strangely memorable song.


The Witchwood

Oh, this is the song I wanted to hear.

The sensational melody is really excellent.

It has a pleasant feel like a “B’z” ballad.

Oh, I’m just saying that I know Bonnet are pioneers.


I am uninitiated, but the songs I don’t know are really cool.

I will have to study this one.

Hiroshima Mon Amour

I applaud Bonnet for singing in falsetto and still managing to sing well.

I wish I could be such an energetic old man.

Island In The Sun

This song is a model of melodious hard rock.

As expected, Bonnet’s voice is very good.

He can do it till he’s 80 years old.

Encore from here.

Lost In Hollywood

The end with the cool song “Rainbow”.

If you like hard rock, your heart skipped a beat.

If this song doesn’t make you feel great, you can’t hear hard rock.

The band ended with the members standing on each other’s shoulders.

In the end

Even though they played quite a lot of songs, the time passed by very quickly.

Wow, they were amazing.

I hope Graham Bonnet is still at the forefront of the music scene.

It was really a great time.

Age has nothing to do with rock music, right?

May 16,2017 Freakz


Shibuya O-EAST is now called Spotify O-EAST.

Shibuya Public Hall has also become Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall and LINE CUBE SHIBUYA.

I understand that is none of my business, but there is a certain quaint atmosphere to it.

I can’t even tell that it’s Shibuya Public Hall.

May 17,2022 Freakz