ConcertReport LOUD PARK14 Day 1 October 18,2014 Japan



In the beginning

I went to LOUD PARK14.

This is the third year in a row.

First, Day 1.

I arrived at Saitama Super Arena just in time for the doors to open, but there was a huge line.

I followed the long line and entered the venue.

I received a wristband for a two-day pass and an itinerary…and it was huge!

It was not the same size as in previous years, but much bigger.

I heard voices from all over the place saying, “It’s so big!”

I think it would be better to use the card type that was used last year.


When I entered the venue, “Kamen-Joshi” had already started.

Although they are Japanese idols, they played metal music in line with LOUD PARK.

It was just plain cool.

It was also quite strange and nice to see girls singing and dancing with masks on.

It was very strange to see them singing with masks on and off.

It is also interesting that all of them are wearing some kind of bag to hold their masks.

The bass player is Yamashita Masayoshi of “Loudness.”

The drummer was Shinya of “Luna Sea.”

A strong lineup.

Battle Beast

After the “Kamen-Joshi,” I moved to the ULTIMATE STAGE.

I went to see “Battle Beast.”

This was great!

The super-simple metal was very pleasing.

The stringed instruments often moved in sync with each other, which was very funny.

The vocalist had a mohawk and was made up like a female wrestler.

The impact is huge, and she also sings very well.

I was also happy to hear my favorite song “Out on the Streets” played.

Great playing, this is LOUD PARK!

One of the most memorable performances of the show.

And the keyboardist chuged his beer…that really ignited my rock spirit!

Marty Friedman

Next up was Marty Friedman.

I bought a beer (the official bar was too crowded, so I paid for it without a drink ticket) and sat down on a chair to relax and listen.

I was surprised to see him MC in English even though he speaks fluent Japanese.

I guess that means it was a live performance?

I was surprised that they played “Tornado of Souls” by “Megadeth” in the second half.

Of course, I had thought it would be interesting if they played “Megadeth” songs somewhere in my mind.

I had thought that Marty would not play Megadeth songs, as he does not seem to be comfortable with the “ex-Megadeth” sign.

Although they did not play the whole song, I could feel Marty’s service mind since they were going to perform at a metal festival, and I liked it very much.

The last song “Amagi-Goe” was also great.

Vandemberg’s Moonkings

I bought some more beer and sat down to watch “Vandemberg’s Moonkings.”

I was not so much into the music, so I enjoyed drinking and relaxing.


I enjoyed “Loudness” in the arena.

The crowd was packed and it was very popular.

Takasaki Akira appeared with a dreadlocks wig, which he wore in the PV.

I prefer him with short hair.

I was especially happy to hear “Got Be Strong” from the new album.

I wonder if the sound design is really good?

All the parts sounded clear, and it was a wonderful stage.

It may have been more exciting than the foreign artists.


Next up was “Soilwork,” which I had heard the new album and liked very much.

I went to the arena to listen to it… but the sound quality was poor.

The sound was muffled and the performance was not clear.

I was very disappointed.

They played “Spectrum of Eternity,” which I wanted to hear, but the poor sound quality made the performance incomplete.

Sound quality is very important in a live performance.


The next band was “Amaranthe” in the arena.

I didn’t have time to eat my meal.

Metal with Eurobeat is cool!

It’s interesting that there are three vocalists, and the guy in charge of the growl is too cool.

The microphone volume of the guy with the male clean voice seemed a little low, which was a pity.

Above all, Mis Elize in dress is adorable!

And her singing is so good that I can’t believe she’s a metal vocalist.

It was a highly accomplished band performance.

I was happy to hear “Afterlife”

and “Invincible,”

two of my favorites.

But I was confused because I don’t know how to groove other than headbanging.


After “Down,” it was finally time for my meal.

We ate in the hallway (the food was delicious as usual) and saw Phil Anselmo’s face.

At the end of the show, the instruments were replaced by staff members one after another, and the band members enjoyed drinking and having a good time as if they were at a party.

Live performance was behind schedule, Phil said something at the end, but I couldn’t understand what it was because it was in English.

I thought it would have been more exciting if he had played a song from “Pantera,” but I guess that was too much to ask.


Next was “Rage.”

The sound was huge!

I think it was the loudest sound at this year’s LOUD PARK.

I was also happy to hear my favorite song “Sent by the Devil” (though not the whole song).

However, I was disappointed that the sound quality lacked clarity.

There was a “Rage” fan wearing a “Rage” T-shirt just in front of me, and it was funny to see him grooving with great movement.

When the famous song “Higher Than the Sky” started, I was impressed by the indescribable grin on his face.

Some audience member nearby started singing “Higher” before Peavy called out the song, which was very annoying.

Of course, I thought “Higher Than the Sky” would be next, but what’s wrong with you singing it first?


Next was “Dragonforce.”

These guys are big.

Wasn’t this the best performance of the festival?

I was also impressed by their relentlessly fast solos on their early songs, and it was also great to hear my favorite song “Symphony of the Night”.

The fact that the MC was in Japanese was a real labor of love, and made me realize how broad the band is.

These guys will hold the reigns of government!

I mean, they’re looking at a piece of paper, but to hear them say it in Japanese is impressive!

Once, Marc Hudson, the vocalist, MC’d in Japanese without looking at the paper, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying, so Marc shouted “Fuck!”

That was also very impressive.

Cheers to the spirit of challenge and service.

Arch Enemy

The last band was “Arch Enemy.”

I was standing at the front of the arena, but the audience was so extreme that I felt I was going to be overwhelmed to death.

I had to step back a bit to avoid the crowd.

I really wanted to hear “Time Is Black,” but unfortunately it was not played.

At the end

That was how the first day ended.

There were so many bands I wanted to see on the first day, and my body was very tired.

But it was a comfortable tiredness, I guess you could say.

It was a great day.

I got the power to do my best in my daily life again.

To be continued…

October 21,2014 Freakz


In the impressions of “Down,” I wrote, “I think it would have been really exciting if they played a song from ‘Pantera,’ but I guess that’s impossible,” but just thinking about it makes my heart pound.

Also, my writing is more humble than the previous year’s report.

I wrote that “there were many bands I wanted to see,” but I think it was not because “many bands I wanted to see were booked,” but because “the range of bands I wanted to see was broadened.

In other words, it is a problem on our side.

I don’t want to be so wild as to complain about the bands at next year’s LOUD PARK.

December 19,2022 Freakz