ConcertReport LOUD PARK16 Day2 October 9,2016 Japan



In the beginning

Well, the next day, October 9.

I wanted to see “Savage Messiah,” so I arrived at the venue accordingly.

I headed for the BIGROCK STAGE.

Just in time.

No time to drink beer.

Savage Messiah

Wow, they look so young!

I love it when the band members run to the stage.

The big-name bands are great, but these young guys are fresh and good, too.

I liked the song “Iconocaust,” which sounded like “Metallica,” but unfortunately they didn’t play it.

I think it would have been more exciting if they played it as the first song.


After watching “Savage Messiah,” I went to the sales area.

I visited there too late yesterday, so I went early.

I really wanted to buy “Dizzy Mizz Lizzy,” but the design was not so good.

Especially, the back print says “LOUD PARK 16” in big letters.

Hmmm…no choice, I’ll go with “Rage”.

There was a reissue shirt from the “Black in Mind” tour, so I decided to go with that one.

Nocturnal Bloodlust

“Nocturnal Bloodlust” played behind me as I left my luggage at the cloakroom.

The band’s agitation was quite pleasant.

The music was quite more death metal oriented.

The Dead Daisies

Moving to the BIGROCK STAGE, “The Dead Daisies” played.

It’s not the kind of music I enjoy, but it’s fun to see.

But I couldn’t watch the whole show.

I was late for “Terrorizer.”


I moved to the EXTREME STAGE to see “Terrorizer.”

I was able to get to the front of the venue.

The sound pressure was amazing.

Pete Sandoval’s drumming was just too much.

The roar echoes in my gut and the T-shirt I’m wearing chills.

It was so fast that it made me laugh out loud.

A mosh pit in the front of the venue.

Savage people were playing mosh.

My own brother who went with me, VERTICAL, ran into the pit, but I was not so sure.

I looked behind me and saw a pit running around in circles.

This one was not so dangerous.

All right, let’s go in!

So they ended up playing 17 songs.

I was not able to keep up with my stamina.

I wanted to go on a rampage with “Dead Shall Rise,” so I had to save my energy for the second half.

I envy young people.

But after all the beer and running around, I was exhausted.

If I don’t get some rest, I’m going to collapse.

Uli Jon Roth

So I ate a meal, sat down, and watched “Riot,” “SIXX: A.M.,” and “Uli Jon Roth” while recovering my strength.

Uli is still very good!

I don’t know the details, but there is something about him that catches one’s ear.

Symphony X

Now that I had recovered my strength, I moved to the ULTIMATE STAGE to prepare for “Symphony X.”

This was also wonderful.

A superb performance.

The powerful performance by the burly vocalist.

He sang while changing his masks, which kept the audience entertained.

And the vocals were great.

He use both a thick voice and a high-pitched shout, and both come out well.

This is wonderful.

In retrospect, I should have watched the whole show, but I moved to the EXTREME STAGE to see “Amorphis.”


I didn’t see the strange microphone in “Amorphis”.

I wonder why?

I moved to the EXTREME STAGE before “Death of a King,” which I wanted to hear the most, was played.

It was a pity, but it could not be helped.

I wanted to see “Dizzy Mizz Lizzy,” which I wanted to see the most this time.

Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

Yes, that’s right, “Dizzy Mizz Lizzy.”

As I was preparing for this year’s LOUD PARK, I became very fond of this band.

I was really looking forward to seeing them.

Yasunario told me that many “Ningen Isu” fans tend to like “Dizzy Mizz Lizzy.”

Indeed, they have a lot in common!

I got to the front of the stage quite early, so I saw the band setting up for the show.

It looks like they will be playing on a rather spectacular set, with several monitors hung up.

It was just as I had heard on Masa Ito’s Rock TV.

The curtain was lowered at the end of the setting up, which heightened the anticipation.

Phlying Pharaoh

The opening instrumental for the new album, and it’s so cool!

I had just talked with my brother VERTICAL about how much I wanted to hear it, so it was even impressive.

The curtain had not been lowered yet, and the band played in silhouette with spotlights shining on them from behind.

This direction is also cool.

It was awesome!

I Would If Could but I Can’t

The curtain came down, we saw the three honored faces, and then a single firework shot!

With this production, the top prize for this year’s LOUD PARK goes to them.

One of the most memorable and catchy songs from the new album.

It has a very unique musicality, with an intellectual atmosphere mixed with familiarity, and yet it is somehow sad at the same time.

Is this the sound of a band that has been inactive for a long time?


The quality of this band is just as good as the studio version.


A masterpiece from the first album.

Its intelligent composition and highly addictive melody that you can’t forget once you hear it.

When I heard it for the first time, I was surprised to say the least.

It starts with a longer prelude than the album.

But how could they come up with such a weird melody?

But still, this is the sound of only three people.

The thickness is amazing.

Barbedwired Baby’s Dream

Well, I guess all their songs are similar.

If you ask me what is similar, it is very difficult to answer, but all of their songs have an atmosphere that makes my heart flutter.

The beat is twisted and has a slightly intellectual feel to it.

Or the melody, which is strange but easy to remember.

So, this song is another good song that is bursting with the perfect Dizzy vibe.

Find My Way

This song also has a sad melody.

I hope you listen to it when you are all alone.

But it’s a genius composition.

I feel like I haven’t given any specific praise for this song, but I’d like to take my hat off to their taste.

I don’t have to tell you what part of this song is worth listening to, but all the songs are good from the beginning to the end.

Forward in Reverse

The second song from the new album.

Well, I’d say it’s more or less, but it’s a somewhat subdued song.

The chord progression is a little fun.

The melody and structure are as elaborate as ever.


Another from the new album.

Well, this is a song with a strong Dizzy feel to it.

It’s amazing that we can feel this “verse” even though it’s been a while since the last album.

However, I still have the impression that it is a little, but only a little, subdued.

Compared to the other great songs on the album.


Wow, this song is so cool.

I think this song is one of Dizzy’s most passionate songs.

Especially the chorus is so exciting.

The melody is also strange, but it instantly catches your ear.

The work of a genius.


A ballad.

Their ballads are also irresistible.

The sadness of this song is one of their best.

The middle part of the song has a weird melody, which is also good.

A real sense of style.

There is a scene where they make the audience sing, but unfortunately I don’t remember the lyrics.

Love at Second Sight

From the new album.

This is another memorable song.

The riff is really memorable.

What’s going on here?

They don’t perform so flashy on stage, but they play in a casual manner, which makes the impression of sagacity stronger.

So cool!

Made to Believe

From the new album.

Nice atmosphere.

What is this incomparable feeling?

There are no bands with this kind of sound in the metal world?

I wonder if there are bands outside the metal world.

The odd beat in the chorus is also addictive.


Masa Ito said, “I’ve been beaten” by this song.

The melody, the odd time signature, the sad atmosphere, the climax, and the final modulation.

All in all, this is a song of the highest standard, and I have no complaints about it.

Isn’t this song perfect?

The melody is so strong that it pops into my head at a moment’s notice.

It’s amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing!

So, I was very satisfied and full.

Everything from the songs and performance techniques to the stage direction was top notch.

I became a big fan.

Dark Funeral

Now, we had beer and dinner while watching “Dark Funeral” from a distance.

We prepared for the big show “Whitesnake”.


We moved to the ULTIMATE STAGE.

“Whitesnake” started.

As expected of such a big name, they were very popular.

David Coverdale seemed to have lost some of his high notes due to his age, but they were still powerful enough.

The drummer, who must be very old, played the drum solo with his bare hands.

It was very moving.

Perhaps due to my lack of preparation, I did not know many of the songs, but I think I understood a little less than half of them.

The last song, a cover of “Deep Purple,” was just amazing!

I never knew it was so much fun to shout “BURRRRN!”

At the end

So this year’s LOUD PARK is over.

I’m sad, but I’ll see you next year.

Come to think of it, I spend about half of the year looking forward to LOUD PARK.

From the time the first artists are announced until the time schedule is released, I enjoy previewing the various bands.

I wonder who next year’s headliner will be?

There wasn’t a lot of thrash metal this year, so I have a feeling we’ll see a lot of thrash metal next year.

Whatever it is, I’ll keep going to LOUD PARK as long as I live!

October 21,2016 Freakz


Well, I guess I didn’t get the T-shirt I wanted this year either.

But it’s hard to miss the bands by standing in the line for the merchandise sales.

Of course, my target this year is “Pantera”.

I definitely want to get one, but I don’t know what will happen.

January 24,2023 Freakz