ConcertReport Slayer October 27,2012 Japan



In the beginning

The live performance of “Slayer” has finally started!

The excited audience seems to be on a high, and angry shouts can be heard here and there.

…He has gained weight, Tom Araya.

So much weight compared to the time of the Big 4 DVD.

He looked like a guru.

Kerry was dressed as usual.

Dave was also in his usual hat.

World Painted Blood

As expected, the first song was this song.

The new album “World Painted Blood” has a lot of good songs, and this one is especially good.

The slow part just before the fast part is more powerful than the fast part.

At this point, a circle pit was born just one meter in front of the audience.

The venue was a mess.

War Ensemble

Tom shouted “Are you ready!” in his broken Japanese.

I felt Tom’s service spirit to please the audience, which made me happy.

Immediately after the title call, something exploded in my brain.

My brother VERTICAL seemed to do the same, and after looking at each other for a moment, we rushed into the circle pit.

We ran in the circle, pushing and shoving in time to the speed number that had started.

…I lost VERTICAL at this point and didn’t get a chance to meet him until the end of the show.

I was out of breath after a few laps around the pit, so I decided to settle down on the shore of the pit and enjoy the live music.

Die by the Sword

This song was an unexpected choice.

The setlist of “Slayer” is relatively conservative, but I think they started to play some rare songs around the time Dave rejoined the band.

This was one song that I was happy to hear, although it is certainly included on the old live album.

I remember listening to it over and over again on cassette tape during my freshman year of high school.

Hate Worldwide

This is one of the most crazy songs on the new album.

They can’t leave it out of the setlist.

The riff that reminds me of the old “Slayer” is so cool.

“Slayer” doesn’t need to make any more new music (they’ve already made enough), so I’m looking forward to more songs like this one, bursting with the “Slayer” spirit, on their next album.

Dead Skin Mask

At the party with VERTICAL the night before, this song was on the list of songs they might play.

It is a song that must be played.

Of course, it was a great song, and the quality of the performance was top-notch.

I was wondering why the guitarist was stretching the high notes so much in the last part of the song…

Silent Scream

The band went straight into “Silent Scream.”

“Slayer” often makes unexpected connections like this.

“Hell Awaits” -> “The Antichrist,” “Rainning Blood” -> “Black Magic”… the list is endless.

I was a little predicted at the length of these songs, though.

I never thought I would actually be able to listen to such rare songs (are they playing them these days?).

I’ll have to live long enough to hear it.

Dave looked like he was in a lot of pain when he played double bass drums.

After the performance, I heard someone say, “This is the first time I’ve heard this song live.”

However, I had no idea that one more and more unexpected song would follow.


As soon as the intro drum roll came in, I let out an unintelligible cry of “Hoo!”

Out of the realm of the unexpected.

I’m so happy.

It’s my favorite song.

Tom made a mistake, but that’s the charm. (It was Tom who made the mistake, right?)

Of course, the “Cure!” shout is already gone, but it was a worthwhile song.

Mandatory Suicide

Another mid-tempo favorite.

They almost certainly play it every time.

The last narrative is becoming more compelling, perhaps because Tom has gotten older.

The roar at the end of the narrative sent shivers down my spine.

Altar of Sacrifice

This is one song I had been hoping that the band would play.

That’s why I was so excited and said, “Here it comes!”

I felt that the tempo of the fast song was generally less than that of the album, but that’s okay.

The riffs in this song are really impeccable.

It’s just perfect.

Jesus Saves

Depending on the show, there are times when they don’t connect “Altar of Sacrifice” to this song.

I was so happy to hear “Jesus Saves” because I had been hoping that they would connect it.

I was shaking my head so much from this point on that I don’t have much visual memory.

Anyway, I like this song.

The vocals are not at all inferior to the album.

Seasons in Abyss

I wonder if there is a live show where they don’t play this song.

Well, I like this song too.

I even sang along with the chorus part unintentionally.

It’s a great song, isn’t it?

Hell Awaits

This is another song I wanted to listen to.

Looking back on it now, it’s the best set list I’ve ever seen.

The slow tempo gradually rose to a fast pace.

The whole audience shouted “Hell Awaits!”


Tom asked “Do you want to die?” before the song, to which the audience responded “Woah!”

Tom also asked, “What? Do you want to die?# Tom laughed confusedly.

The best part of this song is that it speeds up in two stages.

The theme of the song is mid-tempo, but the speed of the last part stands out even more, and it is a model of thrash metal.


This is the only song that made me wonder, “What kind of song is this?”

Sorry, I didn’t study it enough.

After the concert, I listened to the album and finally confirmed the name of the song.

I haven’t been able to listen to it as much as I used to.

But it’s a good song.

Angel of Death

As soon as the performance started, I thought “Oh, it’s the last song…” But actually, it wasn’t.

I was so exhausted that I rushed into the circle pit that had been formed in the back.

I turned round and round as if running while falling down.

Running like a rampaging horse while listening to the furious thrash was like a drug, and it felt good.

But after a few laps, I got tired and took refuge on shore.

Interestingly, in the slow part of the middle section, the pit rotated slowly.

In the fast part of the guitar battle, the rotation is fast.

It’s nice, isn’t it?

South of Heaven

A popular song, a classic, cheered at the introduction.

While listening to this song, I suddenly thought that the moment when “Slayer” became the metal emperor was not “Reign in Blood” (although it is definitely a masterpiece), but “South of Heaven,” the next album, wasn’t it?

“Slayer” did not focus solely on the speed metal, and the fact that they released “South of Heaven,” which presented another pillar of slow songs, must have made them a band in a different dimension from other bands, I mean, an metal emperor.

Without “South of Heaven,” would “Slayer” have become such a big and long-lived band?

I wondered about such a thing.

Rainning Blood

This is a true last song, which more than half of the fans could have predicted when “Angel of Death” was not the last song.

I want to write a hundred times that it’s a great song, but it’s tedious, so I won’t.

It’s a miracle riff, really.

At the ending, when the tempo was increasing, the circle pit was so big that I thought it was going to explode in the end.

At the end

And so “Slayer” came to an end.

I was all alone because I was separated from VERTICAL, but I could see people around me as if we were friends who shared the same feelings, and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

When the emcee said, “See you next year at Loud Park,” people all around me shouted back, “Whoa!”

I was also replying with a loud (to my own surprise) “Whoa!”

After all, Slayer is something else.

They are like Drifters (Japanese famous comedians) in comedy, and they are the original metal band.

Compared to any other show, my excitement is off the charts.

…Anyway, it was a lot of fun.

I should have attended Loud Park earlier.

I’ll be back next year!

November 1,2012 Freakz


The show was really great.

I was young myself, so I used to run around the circle pit.

When everyone runs around in circles, a breeze happens.

That kind of tactile feeling is something you can’t experience even if you watch a DVD; it’s a charm that only a live concert can offer.

Will there ever come a day when I can watch a live performance while running riot again?

Oh, and my beloved LOUDPARK, where are you?

I adore you forever and ever.

November 15,2022 Freakz