The cover influenced me to buy



Very strange behavior

Buying a CD because of its cover is a very strange attraction.

In short, I’m buying a piece of music without knowing the artist or the work, which is a very strange behavior.

Whenever I go to a heavy metal specialty store, I always buy one (the reasonable one).

I have already written about the jackpot I hit when I bought “Tapping the Vein” by Sodom.

What other have I bought?

Nothing and Death / Subtera

I just found out that this band is from Brazil.

It’s a simple deathcore with a super-simple guitar riff.

However, the blast beats are quite vigorous.

I bought this one because it was reasonable, rather than because I bought because of its cover.

God Defamer / Dementor

This band seems to be from Slovakia.

I bought it because the cover is wickedly cool.

The inside is just brutal death metal.

They play blast beats all the time.

It’s All Happening / Iwrestledabearonce

I was strangely attracted by the cover, so I bought it even though I didn’t know it.

And I hit the jackpot.

I’ve never heard music like this before.

The name of the band is pretty crazy too.

I’d love to hear their next album.

Own unique charm

…I’ve just listed three examples that came to mind.

Some may dismiss it as a waste of money, but it is also true that it has its own unique charm.

I would like to continue to do this on a regular basis.

June 24,2010 Freakz


Although I wrote “I would like to continue this on a regular basis,” I have not been able to buy CDs on Amazon, even though I would like to do so.

This may be a lonely thing.

I’ve decided.

I will go to Tokyo in September to see “Dizzy Mizz Lizzy” and “Helloween,” so I’ll go to Ochanomizu then.

And buy CDs because of its cover for the first time in a long time.

June 26,2023 Freakz