ConcertReport LOUD PARK14 Day2 October 19,2014 Japan



In the beginning

The hangover from the night before was not going to get the better of me, it was the second day of LOUD PARK 14!

The heavy drinking had taken its toll on me (the same mistake I make every year, but this one rocks), and when I arrived at the venue, “Arion” had already started.


What? What a cool song!

I wasn’t that impressed when I saw it in the PV, but it was so intense!

Hmmm, I should have seen them in the arena.

The vocalist is a man with short hair, which is becoming more and more common these days.


Now, next is “Periphery.”

I’ll make sure to see them in the arena.

I was watching “Arion” on the “Periphery” side.

I was personally looking forward to seeing this band.

As I expected, the performance was superbly technical and the sound quality was very clear.

Their albums are connected to each other by sound effects between songs, and it was the same in the live performance.

Even during the MCs, they are connected by SEs.

Unfortunately, the time allotted was too short.

I would have liked to hear a little more.

Then the intense songs of the 1st album might have come in.

I would have liked to hear some of the paranoid songs, but there weren’t many.

But there were still circle pits.

Glamour of the Kill

The next band, “Glamour of the Kill,” was performed while drinking beer and sitting down to watch.

It seemed to be very popular, as many people gathered in the arena.

Young, handsome, and pop.

Beautiful boy, detective, and S (←not that it matters).

the GazettE

“the GazettE” followed at the same time.

There was a sense of being in a different genre, and the audience was sparse.

“the GazettE” themselves were a little doubtful as to why they were here.

The MC was still very nice, saying, “We’re in different genres, but let’s have fun.”

For some reason, I noticed two girls on the second floor shaking their heads in a perfect choreography.

Why not go to the arena?


Moving to the arena, “Belphegor”.

Not my favorite music, but I’m curious about how scary they are.

I was impressed by the eerie low voice saying, “Loud Park…”


The next band, “Thunder,” was at my seat while I had lunch.

Then…it was kind of cool.

It shouldn’t be my musical taste, but the hard rockers get me every time.

The Haunted

We moved to the arena for “The Haunted”.

Another epic and legitimate thrash!

The audience was so excited that they were running around the pit.

I wondered what was going on.

I noticed that the vocalist was bleeding from the forehead like Abdullah the Butcher.

When did he bleed?

Can you hang on for one minute?, “My Enemy” was excellent!

My neck hurts from the headbang.


I’m still tired from yesterday.

It is impossible for me to see all the bands in good health due to my age.

I sat on the ground in the arena behind them and took a nap during “Riot.”

The song echoed dreamily, but it was still cool.

Death Angel

Thrash continued on the ULTIMATE STAGE.

“Death Angel” followed.

I enjoyed headbanging in the back of the arena, watching people happily running around the pit.

Has the drummer gained weight again?

Within Temptation

“Within Temptation” was seated & beer.

A pretty lady is the vocalist.


Now, “Kreator,” which is expected to be the most exciting band of the day.

The MC was political and moving, as one would expect from such a heavyweight.

I whipped my neck and head-banged.

The last song “Pleasure To Kill” was a shock!

Because it was fast!

Yes, yes, even if the rhythm is a little off, the feeling of running is “Kreator”!

Needless to say, the biggest circle pit of the day occurred.

It was awesome!

Dream Theater

Then came the big finale, “Dream Theater.”

This was enjoyed from a position in the middle of the arena, where we could sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Needless to say, the performance was excellent.

The music was difficult to understand, and it was more like listening to the music than getting into the groove.

I was glad to see them play many of their latest songs.

I was especially excited to hear “Enigma Machine,” which was one of my favorites!

The drum solo at the end of the song was a great finishing touch.

A special monitor was set up in the background so that the audience could enjoy the world view with the video as well.

The opening video clip of the past album artwork appeared one after another, which was cool and drew cheers from the audience.

The last song was “Pull Me Under” from the classic album “Images and Words” and everyone sang along.


I was expecting to see “Metropolis,” but I didn’t get it this time.

At the end

So, I was very satisfied with this year’s LOUD PARK.

Even if the headliner cancels, if you go to LOUD PARK, you can enjoy it.

Next year will be the 10th, so I’m expecting a lot!

Come on, come on, “Slayer”!

October 22,2014 Freakz


When I read my own writings, I can recall the atmosphere of that time in my mind in a certain way.

The memories of the fun and excitement seem to be an important experience in my life.

I might die tomorrow.

I am looking forward to next year’s LOUD PARK.

December 26,2022 Freakz