ConcertReport April 1,2023 KNOTFEST ROADSHOW



In the beginning

Well, I’ve been there, KNOTFEST.

I feel like I’m still tired from last week’s LOUD PARK, but I don’t care!

However, I slept in a little later than planned, and when I arrived at the venue, I could hear the sound of “The Kanmuri” leaking out from inside Makuhari Messe.

This is “Scarred Heavy Metal,” mmm, I guess I didn’t make it.


They are young, and the vocalist is good-looking.

He said, “We play a lot of different styles of music, so please come and see us live show” and “Don’t get mad at us because we don’t play only metal, older men”.

Don’t worry, not all of them are angry guys.

a crowd of revelion

I had bought this band’s album and thought it was pretty good.

It was morning and the venue was still relatively empty, so I came to the front of the stage…which was a mistake.

I guess the audience was young.

I almost got caught in a fierce mosh pit and had to take emergency shelter in the back.

The performance was good, I would like to see them as a one-man show.

They play well and I like the jumbled feeling.

I also like the high tones that make me think it’s a woman.


I like that Knotfest allows easy exit & re-entry.

So I left the venue, bought a Korn T-shirt, and went back to the hotel.

It was a waste of time, but I was tired and wanted to take a rest.

After taking a rest (nap), I went back to the venue.

The Oral Cigarettes

As I was preparing for the bands, I fell in love with this band.

It seems like there are many bands that sound like this, but in fact, I feel like there were none.

They sing well, play well, and are super catchy.

I know this may not resonate with metal heads, but I’ve become a complete fan.

Unfortunately, they only played 5 songs.

Was the time reduced?

It felt like it was too short.

In Flames

The crowd was younger than at LOUD PARK, so the excitement was more intense.

The voices calling out the band’s name were very loud, the band members seemed to be very happy.

What surprised me was that they played “Behind Space”.

Melodic death metal fans went wild.


I was hungry, so I went to a food stall and had a bite to eat.

There are more stalls to choose from than at LOUD PARK.


I really wanted to see this band because their new album is really cool.

They spoke mostly in Japanese, and that alone made me happy!

Kiichi got the order of the songs wrong one time and said “Baka kiichi baka kiichi baka kiichi,” I was so smitten with him.


I saw them for the first time.

Yes, definitely a substandard band.

They have a mask, a percussionist, and a DJ, and their overwhelming individuality shines through.

The performance was like a show, and it was a lot of fun.

Too bad we couldn’t go to the front because there were too many people.

I would definitely like to see them again at the front for a one-man show.

At the End

And so the first day’s ROADSHOW was over.

I was exhausted, but I drank again, so I was still tired the next day.

I know I’m tired, but I can’t stop…

To be continued…

May 24,2023 Freakz