Ningen Isu -Join Nakajima Nobu-



Change in the musicality of “Ningen Isu”

Drummer Nakajima Nobu joined the band on the album “San-aku Dochu Hizakurige”.

His participation has brought about a change in the musicality of “Ningen Isu”.

His predecessor, Goto Masuhiro, is a drummer with so many strokes that it is hard to believe he has two arms.

I like his drumming very much.

Personality-wise, I felt that he matched the laid-back atmosphere of “Ningen Isu#.

I even felt that Goto Masuhiro was the third man in the band.

That is why I was very surprised when he announced that he was leaving the band.

I wondered what he is doing now… and I looked into it.

It seems he wants to make a solo work… but I don’t know the details.

Nakajima Nobu joined as a replacement, but I felt he was less assertive compared to Goto Masuhiro’s unique drumming.

I even felt that the change of drummer was a blow to “Ningen Isu”.

He has become a citizen among “Ningen Isu” fans

However, my fears were unfounded.

With each new album, he developed his own style and became more familiar with “Ningen Isu”.

His drumming is very typical of him, with a thumping, powerful, and fast pace.

In addition, he is a great singer.

His voice sounds a little like Toshi of “X-JAPAN”.

At first, I thought his voice was not suitable for “Ningen Isu”, but my impression changed when I saw him perform live.

When he started to sing towards the end of the show, the audience was heated up at once.

It made me wonder if this was possible.

With his friendly character, I think he has become a citizen among “Ningen Isu” fans.

I now believe that Nakajima Nobu is the right choice as the drummer for “Ningen Isu”.

The true third man was Nakajima Nobu.

…Please don’t leave the band.

November 11,2009 Freakz


Is this another article from 2009.

I have been listening to “Ningen Isu” for a long time.

Now, 13 years have passed since the above article, and Nobu has become a major member of “Ningen Isu”, not just the right person or the third man.

The excitement of Nobu’s corner at live shows is as I mentioned above.

I think that his friendly and chatty character clearly contributed to the much higher profile of “Ningen Isu”.

This is because in their younger days, Wajima and Suzuki were not exactly the sociable type.

They are able to concentrate on their music because Nobu is always willing to do other work, such as negotiating with venues and companies.

I am proud to say that Nobu once showed up at a Koenji Metal Meshi restaurant for dinner.

We chatted for about an hour.

I was drunk, and I may have been rude, but Nobu was not a small man who would get offended by such a thing.

I had him signature my wallet, we shook hands, and I left the store feeling like I was in a dream.

I use my wallet every day, and the signature is worn and fading.

I hope I will see him again sometime in the future.

August 31,2022 Freakz