ConcertReport SexMachineguns December 3,2022 Japan


This is my first time at a live music club in Urawa
Before that, I went to my usual Hidakaya

4 minutes walk from Urawa station

I got a sticker after doing a short questionnaire before entering

1 Song of Mikan

This is the first song I’ve heard at a live concert
The first song of “45°” is great to get excited

3 Egui-Kuikomi
4 Danger zone where you want to eat and lick

Even at the end of the intro of this song, “Anchan!” we say
I didn’t know that (although I knew ONIGUNSOW and Famires Bomber)

By the way, if we wear a mask, we can say it out loud

5 Bear in the Forest
6 HANABI-la Big Rotation
7 Midori-no-Obachan
8 BURN! Japanese Metal

A distribution single that just came out the other day
Of course I knew they would do it
By the way, I bought it and tried to find the lyrics, but I couldn’t find them
(I know the lyrics of the first half in the lyric video)

9 Baikin Strikes Back
10 Pride
11 Sakurajima
12 German power


Family Restaurant Bomber
Speak up! Tears (Thomas singing out)

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