ConcertReport③ WajimaShinji June 30,2018 Japan



In the begnning

I went to Wajima Shinji’s solo concert.

live music club Mandoro is a 10-minute walk from my parents’ house.

There were already many fans in front of the venue.

I had somehow thought that fans from within the prefecture would gather there, but it seemed that there were many fans who had followed him from outside the prefecture.

It had been less than five years since I last saw Wajima at this venue.

I was really grateful that he came back.

Since I had not gotten a numbered ticket, I was almost the last to enter the venue.

I received a can of beer and a Unpei rice cake (a souvenir from Wajima) and sat down on a chair.

But I missed the Unpei.

The swirl pattern was still there, and I remembered eating them when I was a child.

Wajima appears from the rear.

He is wearing his usual mompe, “MU” T-shirt, and “MU” varsity jacket.

Aka-to-Kuro  Red and black

The song was originally a rock number with Nobu shouting, but this was a quieter arrangement.

I can enjoy the matured Wajima.

The song is performed slowly, which makes the charm of the lyrics stand out even more.

Although I like the energetic original song, it is hard to say which is better.

Koritsumuen-no-Shiso  Isolated Thought

The first two songs in a row are sung by Nobu.

The original song is also danceable and uplifting, but this one is also arranged in a quieter style.

Once again, I was reminded of the wonderful lyrics.

This kind of contrast is the charm of a solo live performance.

Kuroyuri-Nikki  Black Lily Diary

Oh, this is the first time I’ve heard this solo.

Even when he goes acoustic, the atmosphere is intense and wild.

This is also good with just one guitar.

The solo with the looper is also great.

I have the impression that he has completely made it his own.

Watashi-no-Yayako  My Baby

This song was written by Wajima when he was in high school.

It is true that it is different from Wajima’s current style, but it is a very good song.

I have never seen “Ningen Isu” perform this song live (it was included in the DVD), but I think this song is more attractive in a solo concert.

It was such a wonderful performance.

The Bridge was personally agonizing.

Hakujitsumu  Daydream

The middle part of the song, in which the sounds are overlapped more and more using the looper, is superb.

It is a song that is meant to showcase the power of the looper.

Kurai-Nichiyobi  Gloomy Sunday

This is another song that goes well with acoustic.

The choice of songs for the acoustic arrangement was excellent, and I was impressed by the fact that they could be performed with a single guitar.

I watched the show carefully, but I could not analyze the difficult solo this time either (how is the beat?).


This arrangement was originally acoustic, so it is close to the original.

It is said to be taken from a novel by Poe, the founder of detective novels.

This is a song where you can enjoy Wajima’s bass voice.

Kojosenjo-no-Maria  Maria on the Thyroid

This song is also almost the same as the original.

The quiet arrangement is accompanied by lyrics that sound like a fantasy novel.

The song is full of chilling atmosphere.

Inochi-Urimasu  Life for Sale

Oh, he arranged this song acoustically, too.

This one has a nice atmosphere, too.

The intensity and heartfelt screams of the band’s desperation are not lost even with only one guitar.

I could almost head-bang to this song even though it’s just a solo performance.

Boku-no-Pony My Pony

This song was provided to “Himekyun Fruits Can.”

Wajima can write pop songs like this one that would be widely accepted if asked to do so.

However, it seems that Pony is sung only as an analogy to his own motorcycle, and that he just likes motorcycles.

Parody song

Wajima’s comical lyrics to The Beatles’ classic song “Oh! Darling.”

“Oh-hagi!” (sticky rice cake coated in smashed sweet beans)

The song is about the love for ohagi.

This was the first time I had heard this song, but apparently he had sung it before.

The audience laughed and the atmosphere was very friendly… and then…

Poetry Reading

It is indeed a good thing that he shatters that friendly atmosphere at once.

Takahashi Shinkichi’s “Assertion is Dadaist,” which we have heard before.

The eeriness is still there.

It seems that he is not improvising, but composing tightly.

The eerie riffs that appeared one after another had a tremendous impact.

It is true that it is a long poem, but it never gets boring.

Wajima humbly said, “It was like a training time,” but no, it was the highlight of today’s show.

Kocho-ran  Moth Orchid

This is another song suited for acoustic performance.

Especially the solo with the looper seems as if butterflies are fluttering in front of my eyes.

The perfection of this song is more like art than rock.

This is a must-hear song.

Akuma-to-Seppun  Kiss with the Devil

The last song of the night was the same one as before.

This song makes me want to have a drink right now.

Shinkeisho I Love You  Neurotic I Love You

Encore song.

This is another song that gets the crowd in the groove.

He played on the back of his guitar, but he said it was difficult to play without a band because the sound was cut off when he carried his guitar and when he put it down.

At the end

So, I enjoyed an intense three hours of music.

When will he be back next time, please come back to this place of memories, Mandoro!

July 2,2018 Freakz


It has been four and a half years since this concert.

I must write it down right away, I forgot what he chatted about.

But he is playing rare songs, isn’t he?

I wonder if there will be a Mandoro this year?

I know He is busy working on the album, but I’ll be waiting for you all the way!

Jqanuary 18,2023 Freakz