Ohtsuki Kenji(2)



Which can really shake the listener’s heart

It is often said that Kenji Ohtsuki is a bad singer.

Well, in fact, he is not a vocalist who takes notes accurately. (I think he is much better than I am.)

But that does not mean his vocals are worthless.

His vocals are compelling.

He writes his own poetry, and his heart is very much in it.

This is especially true in his “storytelling,” which can really shake the listener’s heart.

Shouts are a device to exite the listener

And it does not mean that he only demonstrates his true value in storytelling.

His voice, especially around the time of “Kinniku-Showjo-Tai” second album “Sisiter Strawberry,” has a good high-pitched shout.

I like his watery voice.

After that, he uses shouts less frequently, but they are used at key points, which is very cool.

I think shouts are a device to exite the listener, so any criticism about the pitch of the shouts is not warranted.

December 22,2010 Freakz


After this, at the time of writing, I wrote that his singing style had changed, that his previous singing style was better, and so on, but to be frank, mind my own business.

It is best for him to sing as he likes.

As he has aged and matured, his singing voice has a kind of composure that he did not have when he was younger.

This is something that has its own charm.

December 15,2022 Freakz