Freakz C9 T-Shirt⑦ “It’s Okay Like This”



After all, the illustration is grotesque

———-Is this a ladies’ dress too?

Yes, but it’s loose-fitting, so men can wear it too if they wear it well.

Isn’t the roll-up cute?

———-The illustration is very small.

I decided to use a single illustration on the left chest.

After all, the illustration is grotesque.

I wouldn’t want to wear a shirt with this printed on it.

———-You designed it, didn’t you?

Well, I want people to feel the depth of the grotesque illustration printed on a small size.

It’s fine for me, but what about Freakz?

———-So, what is this picture of?

It is a bowl of gyudon(Beef bowl).

I have eaten many kinds of gyudon, but in the end, I always come back to Yoshinoya.

So I decided to use a gyudon bowl because I thought it would fit the theme of the song “It’s okay like this”.

———-The inside of the bowl is not a beef, is it?

An illustration of a regular gyudon?

It’s fine for me, but what about Freakz?

———-…Don’t be like Eikichi Yazawa.

Well, the contents of the bowl are changed to something shocking, just like Freakz.

———-I guess so.

They should do a DNA test and arrest the father too

The contents of this bowl look human, but legally they are not yet human.

They say this happens 175,000 times a year in Japan alone.

It is a horrifying story.

———-Well, there are many difficult issues involved…

I often hear about tragic cases of abandoned or murdered newborns, but why are the mothers the only ones who are treated as the bad guys?

The father is just as guilty, right?

They should do a DNA test and arrest the father too.

———-That’s true.

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare says that the use of oral abortion pills requires the consent of the spouse, but that doesn’t change anything.

It is the woman who bears the risk, right?

I wonder if the anti-feminists will start uproar again when I say that.

———-You’re going off on a tangent, but that kind of anger is the driving force behind this illustration, isn’t it?

Yes. I can’t say, “It’s Okay”.

In that sense, it’s a great illustration with a mix of inversion and reversal.

———-Yeah, I don’t get it.


May 27,2022 Freakz


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