Jitterin’jinn -Simple is Best-



They are from “Ikaten”

The name of the singer who used to be popular is “Jitterin’jinn.”

…This is a lyric from “Go! Go! 7188”, but “Jitterin’jinn” is an active band.

Jitterin’jinn is also an ally of “Ningen Isu” since they are from “Ikaten”.

The arrangement is very simple

One of the charms of “Jitterin’jinn” is its very catchy melody.

The arrangement is very simple, and nothing unusual is done, but this makes the familiar melody stand out.

Many of the songs remind us that the setting is overseas

Another charm of the song is the bittersweet lyrics.

The lyrics express the pure feelings that everyone had as a child in simple, straightforward language (although some of the lyrics are more mature).

Many of the songs remind us that the setting is overseas, perhaps because of proper nouns such as “Annie” and “Marie.”

Because of their youth

However, these charms are not fully demonstrated until the third album, “Punch Out”.

After that, they were unfortunately buried in formality.

The melodies no longer have the same hooks as before, and the nostalgia of the lyrics has diminished.

The vocal instability is also noticeable in recent recordings.

Perhaps the music of “Jitterin’jinn” was perfected because of their youth.

February 1,2010 Freakz


There is no doubt that the sound sources up to “Punch Out” are of high quality.

But I do not think that their subsequent activities are meaningless.

There are many people who would be happy to see them continue.

Currently, they are virtually inactive, but a Youtube channel will be launched in 2019 and a best-of album will be re-released in 2021.

I don’t know if this is a preparation to reunite or if it’s for money, but it would definitely be a blast to see them at a festival or something.

October 11,2022 Freakz