Kanmuri Tetsuya -Metal icon-



He is like a comedian in the way he thinks

When it comes to idiots in heavy metal, it’s either Anchang or Tetsuya Kanmuri (compliments).

While Anchang is a naive fool, Tetsuya Kanmuri is a radical fool (I mean that as a compliment).

He is like a comedian in the way he thinks.

For example, the song “My Own Pain Killer” is included in the album “Heavy Metal with Scars” under the name of “The Kanmuri”.

The main character, who is unable to liven up a cabaret club, is asked to sing something by the cabaret girl.

He takes out his pettiness and anger on Judas Priest’s “Painkiller”.

By karaoke. In the original key.

His single-minded devotion to heavy metal is even impressive

The lyrics are full of funny ideas, as he prides himself on being in the number one position for idiots.

But that doesn’t mean that the music is any less impressive, and he is also a very talented vocalist.

He is a heavy metal artist to be respected.

As for the sound quality, “So What?” era produced by Luke Takamura was clear.

It is indeed the devil’s work.

In comparison, the sound quality of “The Kanmuri” is heavy but unbalanced and not clear.

Still, well, not enough to detract from the charm of the music.

The way the man keeps his single-minded devotion to heavy metal is even impressive.

He is quite old, but I am looking forward to seeing if he can keep up his heavy metal game.

I hope he will continue to share his courage with those of us who have given up on our dreams.

November 27,2011 Freakz


As for sound quality, it seems to be improving with each album.

The sound quality of “Dakkan” is clear and good. (I guess it depends on one’s taste…)

It has been more than 10 years since I wrote the above, but Tetsuya Kanmuri is still going through the metal motions, and I wonder if he will become an icon in the Japanese metal world, like Ozzy Osbourne or Rob Halford.

Now, Freakz, I can’t just share his courage, I have to act!

March 28,2022 Freakz