Concert Report “Aldious” April 30,2017 Japan



In the beginning

I went to the Aomori show of “Aldious”.

This year, “Aldious” will be touring in all 50 prefectures of Japan.

I really like the way they are taking care of their local fans.

Especially in Aomori, where the population is very small and it’s not expected to attract many people, but I really appreciate it!

I arrived a little earlier than the opening time.

There was an advance sale going on, so I quickly got a tour T-shirt.

It was designed like a grindcore band, with the names of all 47 prefectures and cities on the back.

The doors opened on time.

The venue was not quite full, but there must have been about 200 people there.

I changed my drink ticket for a beer and waited for the show to start.

The lights go down and the show begins!


The members enter the stage with a SE.

The first number is a speedy one from the previous album(“Radiant A”)!

Headbanging from the beginning.

Everyone said “Fire!”

Re:NO is not a metal vocalist, but her performance is good!

She is the face of “Aldious” after all!


Is it a new song?

Or is it a song from an album I don’t have?

I found the song very easy to listen to.

The formation of the two guitars running and changing positions right after the second verse was great.

I like this kind of performance.


I don’t know this song, but it doesn’t sound new, so it’s probably on an album I don’t have.

I’ll have to get it soon.

Here is Yoshi’s MC.

She wanted to see alpaca, but she weighed it against guitar practice and chose practice.

Die For You

One or two pop songs are included in each album.

This song is really good, and it is a lot of fun to play live.

Yay yay yay!

Re:NO is shining.

Sweet Temptation

Composed by Toki.

Toki’s songs have a precision that Yoshi’s songs do not have.

It has a sense of compositional beauty.

This song is also a middle piece, but it is very well composed.

It is cool to see the three stringed instruments swinging their heads around during the slow part.

Yes, this kind of performance filled with love for metal is a big attraction of “Aldious”.


This song is the most serene of the new singles.

At first, I thought it was a rather subdued song, but as I listened to it more and more, the more I understood the appeal.

Good song, addictive.

At this point, the band members left Re:NO and Toki behind and retreated.

As is customary? The acoustic corner by the two.

The name of their unit was decided to be “Lemon”.

It was funny that they said they could call themselves “Nebutazuke” if they wanted to.

I Don’t Like Me

So this song is acoustic.

It is a great ballad that hits the lacrimal gland.

Acoustic is also good.


After the lemon corner, an instrumental song.

Each part has a solo part, which is fun.

I wonder if this is on an album I don’t own.

Or is this a live-only song?

I like songs like this that showcase each part in a way that only a live performance can.

Like the song that “Kome-Kome-Club” introduces their members.


Five new songs in a row from here.

I had never heard these songs before, but they are all good!

Really, they are all good!

This band has matured again.

I can’t wait to hear the new album!


This song is not to be missed.

It seems that everyone was waiting for it, and the excitement was extraordinary.

The crowd was going wild, head-banging, and singing along.

That’s what it felt like.

This is what I go to live shows for.

Re:NO is more powerful than the studio version and sung in a very cool way.

The melody and the solo are perfect.

This was the end of the main part of the show.

The audience started calling for “Aldious” even before the band members left the stage.

It showed how much the audience had been waiting for the encore.

The encore started from here.


A familiar, high quality pop song composed by Re:NO.

Re:NO seems to be quite emotionally involved in this song.

This sense of involvement is one of the reasons why Re:NO is glad to have joined “Aldious”.

Some may compare her vocals to those of her predecessor, who had a lot of high notes, but overall, I give the edge to Re:NO.


This new arrangement starts with Re:NO’s solo singing.

As expected, this song is suitable for the last half of a live performance.

The melody at the end is excellent.


It’s on an album I don’t have, but I’ve had so many chances to listen to it live and on DVDs that it’s become a familiar song.

It’s so exciting!

Coincidentally, Aomori Prefecture is in the season of cherry blossoms in full bloom.

During the part where the audience was encouraged to jump, the water from the mist sprayer that Toky spit out hit me directly in the face.

I always wonder, when does Toki put water in her mouth?

In the end

So, I enjoyed it as much as I could!

I have terrible muscle aches from my neck to my shoulders.

“Aldious” has a good attitude.

There are some areas where their technique is still in its infancy, but I don’t care about that.

What makes them so attractive is that they exude a love of metal that many bands have forgotten, and any criticism of their technique is uncalled for.

So, let’s all put aside our prejudices and visit “Aldious” for an exited live performance!

May 1,2017 Freakz


I see that there is a farm in Aomori where you can meet alpacas.

“Nebutazuke” is the soul food of Aomori people, a kind of gooey, finely chopped kelp with daikon radish and herring roe in it, with a sweet and sour flavor, which is delicious over rice.

It seems the two “Lemons” were good friends in private as well.

They even climbed Mt.Fuji.

Maybe they write new instrumental songs every time they tour.

They played different instrumental songs on the other tours.

The five new songs were from “Unlimited Diffusion,” which had not yet been released at that time.

I don’t know what songs I played now, but I think I liked them a lot, I used to.

March 15,2022 Freakz