Annihilator -Strange riff exchange-



Intentionally trying to move away from orthodoxy

Thrash metal band “Annihilator” is top-notch.

Although not as well known as “Metallica”, “Megadeth”, or “Slayer”, they are on par with the best of them.

“Annihilator”‘s thrash metal is characterized by complexity.

Each riff is simply unique.

It seems as if the band is intentionally trying to move away from orthodoxy in its use of sound and rhythm.

However, it is not just about creating weird riffs.

As is the case with “Megadeth”‘s riffs, they are strange, yet very cool.

This is a feat that can’t be done with a smartass.

Cool riffs are created from the heart.

Annihilator’s music runs on the edge

The song structure is also very complex.

Riff after riff after riff after riff.

The song is connected with unexpected developments while weaving in odd time signatures.

I feel that it is more complicated than “Slayer” or “Megadeth”.

It is like complexity for the sake of complexity.

The complexity, whether in the form of bizarre riffs or bizarre compositions, can be comical when taken to the extreme.

Annihilator’s music runs on the edge of this line.

The thrill of it is irresistible to me.

It is a band with a unique charm.

Complexity has been overshadowed

…I have mentioned their charms, but this is only up to their first album (Alice in Hell)

and second album (Never, Neverland).

From the 3rd album (Set the World on Fire), the band’s musicality has moved away from thrash metal.

Recently, they have returned to loud music again, but the aforementioned complexity has been overshadowed (but not reduced to zero).

Complex, intelligent, yet cool.

This band is a perfect example of how difficult it is to keep it going.

November 24,2009 Freakz


I wrote like the 1st and 2nd albums are supreme, but there are many good songs on the other albums.

I was a bit narrow-minded when I was younger.

As I think I wrote in other sections, we should not deny the change of musicality itself.

“Music should be listened to in terms of lines, not dots,” said Masa Ito.

“Annihilator” is still cool enough.

March 16,2022 Freakz