Concert Report “Hawaiian6” April 9,2022 Japan



In the beginning

I went to the grand opening of “Hirosaki-KEEP THE BEAT”, a two-man show of “Hawaiian6” and “S.P.N Power.

The “Mag-Net” live music club in Hirosaki was closed last year, and I was sad to see it go.

It was at this time that a new live music club emerged.

I found out when I arrived that Hirosaki, Takatori, bass vocalist of “S.P.N Power”, is the owner.

When the curtain rose, standing there was Takatori in a suit.

Later, Hatano of “Hawaiian6” teased him by calling him a “pachinko parlor clerk”.

I was impressed by the way he greeted the guests in his suit for the grand opening.

Takatori then called for “Hawaiian6” to appear on stage!

Oh, Yasuno, the guitarist, now with a purple shortcut, so cool!

I have only two albums, so I will report only the songs I know below.




I like this song from the album “Beyond The Reach”.

I would say it is a “The Black Crows Lullaby” type of song on the first album.

The band is known for their beautiful and sad melodies, and this song is a good example of their charm.

A Cross of Sadness

I Believe


Love this song too!

The front two’s interchanging vocals are superb as the song runs at a fast pace.

I’m amazed that “Hawaiian6” has been continuously making beautiful songs like this for so long.




I was surprised that all MC’s in “Hawaiian6” are done by the drummer, Hatano.

And he does it in a fast-paced and laconic manner.

I won’t go into the specifics, but I was empowered.

The stability of the performance and the rambunctiousness of the front two were enough to give me a sense of dignity.

Stand by You


Star Falls

Brand New

Tiny Soul

The MC’s comment, “It takes 7 hours to travel and 50 minutes to play,” drew laughter.

This song is only about a minute long, and I think it was the most exciting song at today’s show.

I was the most excited too.


We parted with two songs from first album in a row.

I only have two albums, so I’ll have to buy the others.

I would have heard many more songs if they had played a full set.

I like the song “An Apple of Dischord” so much.


So that was the end of “Hawaiian6”, followed by local band “S.P.N POWER”.

S.P.N Power

I don’t know the name of the song at all, but they had a strong presence.

Their voices were cool, with a faint quality to them.

The sound quality was clearer than that of “Hawaiian6”.

I forgot the name of the song, but they sang “Snow Flower” left the biggest impression on me.

It was as if I could picture the snow fields of Hokkaido.

Takatori must have been filled with various feelings, and he ended the performance with tears in his eyes.

I guess people who put their lives on the line in pursuit of their dreams are dazzling.

In the end

This was a live music club that I would definitely like to support in the future.

The content of the show was also fantastic!

Few artists are willing to come to rural areas.

So bands that come to this end of the country are very much appreciated by rock fans.

Please come again!

April 14,2022 Freakz