【Set List Prediction】Ningen Isu “Wriggling in the Dark”


———-This is the second part of the set list prediction.

Yes, I went to the Ningen Isu tour, and the Aomori show was just the first day, so I thought it would be just right.

———-I heard VERTICAL also predicted?

Yes, I wanted to compete with him.

———-And how did you get it right?

Well, I was going to end it quickly by bragging or reflecting on how well I got it right.


Two days after the Aomori show, the setlist for the Sapporo show was drastically changed.

———-How drastically?

They changed 11 songs out of 17!

———-Oh crazy…

That’s right, Nobu must be self-training, right?

So I’m going to compile the setlists for each venue and calculate which one was more accurate.

———-…What? You got nothing to do?

I’m busy! But I want to do it.

———-Okay, I’ll go with you.

You’re my alter ego, that will save us time.

———-So, show me your setlist first.

Well, I’d like you to watch the video, but I don’t have a choice.

Okay, let’s see.


Freakz predictions

Apocalypse of Prison

Aomori Rock Minister


Neputa no Mondoriko

Testament Broadcast

No Longer Human

Heartless Scat

Hoichi Passion

Ghost Train

Mandragora’s Flower

At the Mountains of Madness

Red and Black

Love that ends in heaven

Hell’s Mountain Of Needles


Sabbath Thrash Sabbath

The End


VERTICAL Predictions

Ghost Train


Laws of Love

Picture of Hell

Colors from the Universe

Moonlit Night Ogre Dance

Mysterious tsuzumi

Voice of Emptiness

Neputa no mondoriko

Run, GT

Red and Black

A Tale of Pus

Love that ends in heaven

Hell’s Mountain Of Needles

Strange World

Tears of Apple

Heavy Rider in Hell


———-Hmmm…both seem likely.

I think I should win for hitting the target for the first song, but I’ll do the math just in case.

———-You should do that.

It’s hard to guess the order of the songs, so I’ll call it a win if I can predict that it will be played.

———-That’s fine.

Here is a table of the seven performances.


The red circles are the songs that I, Freakz, hit.

The blue circles are the songs that my brother, VERTICAL, hit.

The green circle is the song we both hit.

———-Hmmm, it’s not easy to get a hit, is it?

Still, I think I got it right.

———-So, have you done the math?

Yes, I’ll show you the results.

A total of 119 songs were played.

That’s the denominator.


The number of songs I hit was 37 total. About 31.1%.

The total number of songs VERTICAL hit was 23. About 19.3%.

———-You win hands down.

Hahahaha! Lol!

———-That’s an old-fashioned way of laughing.

Well, I’m happy that I beat VERTICAL, but I’m also happy that I got over .300.

Even hitters don’t get over .300.

———-That’s right.

Regardless of the winners or losers, this setlist prediction is proving to be more interesting than I thought it would be.

———-It would be fun to have a competition among fans.

I found something new to look forward to.

Well then, thank you for taking the time to listen to my bragging talk today.

———-I knew you were bragging…

October 6,2022 Freakz


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