ConcertReport HinoFest September 27,2022 Japan


I went to Hino Fest, an event celebrating the 55th anniversary of Hino Hideshi’s painting career


First, let’s have a meal

Shinbusakiya, a few minutes walk from the venue

Bottled beer and ramen

I couldn’t relax like I usually do at Hidakaya, so I came out with just one beer

By the way, here’s today’s shirt

When I headed to the venue, the doors were already open.

Hino hideshi himself was not performing today, and there were no pictures on display

Just a three-man show

The only thing that was a bit like the Hino festival was that there was a corner where Nakajima Nobu introduced some of his treasures in between



First up was Ningen Isu


Maybe it was because they had less time

Usually the three of them appear in a row, but they were all in the same place

Wajima signaled the end of the SE and the songs started


1 Heartless Scat


I knew they would play it, but I didn’t expect it to be the first song.


The big foreigner in front of me was also in high spirits

Is it a famous song after all?

However, I felt sorry for this foreigner who lost his energy a little after the staff warned him for taking pictures even though he was not allowed to take pictures.


2 Hoichi Passion


The next song was also easy to get excited  The venue was getting warmed up


I didn’t know that the next song was written by Hino-Hideshi after the MC.


3 Isolated Island of Illusion


I didn’t expect them to play this song at the festival!

I thought they would only play standard songs today, so I was happy to hear this one

I think I’ll buy the comic book too


And here comes the “Nobu Corner”

The song was as expected


4 Hell Boy





5 A Tale of Pus

6 A tumor with a human face


It’s a standard song, but I hadn’t heard it subtly recently, and it was very good


The last song was, of course


7 Hell’s Mountain Of Needles


During the changeover, Nobu and the hostess introduced Nobu’s treasures on the sub stage

Hino Hideshi’s treasures, which only Nobu would have in the world

Nobu is amazing





The next stage was Ishino Takkyu


I’ve seen him once with this about 10 years ago

The dance floor space created by Takkyu with exitement

Without saying a word, he left with a moonwalk at the end





Togawa Jun at the end


This is the third time I’ve seen him with Ningen Isu

I know there’s something about her unique way of singing and talking that draws people in, but

I didn’t understand it very well.





I heard they’re going to play Hino Fest in five years for the 60th anniversary, so I’ll see them again then

I hope everyone is doing well.

October 7,2022 VERTICAL