Concert Report “Gyze” June 8,2018 in Tokyo



In the beginning

I went to the “Ryugin” release tour of “Gyze”.

I had been interested in this band since their previous appearance at LOUDPARK, but unfortunately I had missed it at that time.

I was happy to see them again.

And their guest was “Her Name in Blood”.

I couldn’t pass up the chance to see them.

After filling my stomach with ramen as usual, I arrived at Clubasia in Shibuya.

I saw shirts of “Gyze”, “Her Name in Blood”, and “Arch Enemy”.

For some reason, the number was strangely small, and I easily entered the venue.

First, there’s the rummage sale.

I was attracted to the “Gyze” tank top, but didn’t like the simple logo-only design.

I moved on to the other band’s merchandising.

This shop has a wide variety of interesting items.

I had a hard time deciding, but I found a “Pantera” shirt that paid homage to “Vulgar Display of Power”, so I decided to go with that one!

I left my luggage in a locker and waited with a beer until the show started.

Why is this venue so bright?

On a side note, it was funny to see a friend of mine who had gone to the restroom and came back with a second beer.

Metal always comes with alcohol.

Soon after the lights went out, it was the turn of “Her Name in Blood”.

The crowd cheered.

Her Name in Blood

I had never seen “Her Name in Blood” concert before, and I had only heard their latest album “POWER”.

The order of the songs is also vague, so I’ll write them down in no particular order.


Was this the first song?

My memory is already a little fuzzy, but this is the title track of the latest album.

It’s a very high metalcore number, and very catchy.

But Ikepy’s muscles are too much!

The band is interesting because this alone gives the stage an unparalleled character.

Ikepy’s charming voice singing the melody is also attractive enough, and they plays very well.

This is a band that is going to be big.


This is a very fast song, and one of the songs on the new album that I was interested in.

Ikepy’s vocals are almost the same quality as on the original recording.

I guess this is what I call a talented band.

The composition of the song is really complex and beautiful with a clear core.

It becomes addictive as I listen to it.


This is what I wanted to hear!

The killer of the latest album is definitely this song.

It has a tyrannical riff and a sense of speed.

And yet, it’s not a simple song, but a well-crafted development.

In particular, the second part of the song, where the song runs through in a blink of an eye, gives me goosebumps.

The members of “Gyze” joined the session for this song.

The audience went wild with joy at this special stage performance.


I wanted to hear this one too!

The riff is somewhat like “Megadeth”.

Ikepy’s performance of the chorus was really excellent.

It was cool and funny how he did the front double-biceps every time.

Due to my lack of knowledge, these are the only songs I knew from the originals.

In the middle of the set, they played “Pirates Of Upas” by “Gyze” (only the intro, but they are usually good at these types of songs), and in the end, they played “Master Of Puppets” by “Metallica”.

Ikepy’s tank top has “My Protein” printed on it, and the drink during the show is an amino acid.

It seems that Ikepy’s artistic style has been well established.

I am looking forward to seeing them perform with “Sex Machineguns” next time I am in town.


“Gyze” was up next.

How slim compared to the muscular Ikepy!

I was amazed that he could play so fast even though he was so thin.

I am not familiar with “Gyze”, so here is my review in no particular order.

Pirates Of Upas

Yes, this is the original.

The sound is lighter because there is only one guitar.

Ryoji plays the guitar looking like Alexi, which is cool!

But this band seems to be playing solo all the time.

Why don’t they have a support guitarist?


I’m glad to see this kind of song selection.

If you are Japanese, this kind of melody should bring tears to your eyes.

It’s an instrumental song, but it’s one of the songs I wanted to hear.

The Bloodthirsty Prince

I wanted to hear this one!

And with Ikepy’s vocals!

Once again, I thought this song had the best melody.

Of course, I applaud Ikepy for learning the song.

The part in the middle of the song where we shouts “Oi!” was too much fun.

Ikepy really kept the crowd going during the long guitar solo!

Northern Hell Song

I knew they would do this one!

The tempo of the song was great until the first fast run.

But really, it’s just like “Children of Bodom”.

It was fun to hear everyone yell “Northern Hell Song!”

The last melody gives me goosebumps and shivers!

That’s all from the albums I own.

I heard some songs I didn’t know very well, like “Ryugin”, “Ryujin”, and “Japanese Elegy”.

I really wanted to hear “Frozen Dictator” but unfortunately they didn’t play it.

I really think it is a great song.

In the End

Well, I was more impressed with “Her Name in Blood”.

Still, I could see that both bands were playing with their own beliefs, and they seemed to be smiling and nice.

After the show, a member of “Her Name in Blood” was in the merchandising area, and again, I was impressed that he talked to me in a friendly manner.

Anyway, both were great bands and a great show.

I’ll be back!

June 14,2018 Freakz


I saw “Her Name in Blood” concert twice after this show.

Once was a two man show with “Sex Machinguns”.

I have a good memory of passing Daiki by chance as I was walking into the live house and he called out to me.

The other time was at a metal event called Metal Blizzard on October 12, 2018 in Sapporo.

This time, after the concert, Ikepy was there in the merchandising area and I was able to buy goods directly from him.

He was very quiet, unlike on stage.

Unfortunately, the band disbanded in 2021.

“Gyze” also appeared at Metal Blizzard, which was the second time I saw them there.

At that time, they were still a three-piece band, but now they are a four-piece band, and their performance has become much more stable.

I saw Shuji’s live performance on Youtube, where he was recovering, and it was very moving.

The current “Gyze” has continued to evolve since the time I saw them, incorporating a Japanese taste.

May 23,2022 Freakz