KERA -He sold his soul for art-



He always sticks to what he wants to express

He use the name Keralino Sandorovich as a playwright, but for me, it will always be KERA, who is “Uchoten”.

There is probably no one who does not bend his will and beliefs as much as KERA.

No matter what the cost, he always sticks to what he wants to express.

When “Uchoten” made its major debut, KERA had already started working with a theatre company.

He was told by the music company that he should quit the theater company now in order to concentrate on “Uchoten”.

However, KERA refused, saying, “I won’t make a major debut if it means I won’t be able to do what I want to do”.

I would have said, “Okay, I understand”.

Even after his major label debut, he continued to perform on the indies label under the name “MR.NAGOM”.

I believe he also released a record.

Recently, he has made a name for himself more as a playwright than as a musician.

I have seen one of KERA’s play.

It was called “Haldin Hotel”.

I don’t know much about play, but I enjoyed it.

Fill this world with the cards of what you want to do!

It is actually very difficult to keep doing only what I want to do.

I have to keep weighing my beliefs against life, finances, family, and many other things.

Many people get tired of fighting for their beliefs and abandon them.

I am one of them.

I read something by KERA that went something like this (not a quote).

“I don’t want to balance by alternating between the cards of what I want to do and what I don’t want to do. Fill this world with the cards of what you want to do!”

KERA continues to do what I could never do.

Whenever I come in contact with his work, I have a sense of longing.

November 21,2009 Freakz


Recently, I have become completely addicted to  KERA’s plays and will go see when it suits me.

“A Hundred Years of Secrets”,

“Boss Sucking Blood”,

“Wait a minute, please”,


“Kinema and Lover”…I have been to quite a few of them.

The Nylon 100℃ performances really stir my head.

I can’t grasp the meaning, but it is interesting.

Such an experience is hard to come by.

“Kinema and Lovers” was more straightforward and also interesting.

I also liked “Mystery Love Mission” on TV so much that I even bought the Blu-ray of it.

I really want to see “The World Laughs” with Koji Seto, but…will I be able to go?

May 19,2022 Freakz