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Imitation of Hisashi Imai of “Buck-Tick”

———-Isn’t this the first time you’ve sold merchandise other than shirts?

Yes, although it’s not likely to sell.

———-There you go again being so pessimistic.

Do you want it, this?

———-Yeah, well, yeah, yeah, I do.

Speak up.

———-Well, what made you decide to make this?

Originally, when I was photographed as Freakz, I had Freakz written on my face.

This is an imitation of Hisashi Imai of “Buck-Tick”.

———-Oh, he have “B-T” written on his face.

Yes, that’s right. So this time, I decided to use a tattoo sticker instead of handwriting.

I can’t write well by myself, and I don’t have a makeup artist who can do it for me.

———-You’re all alone, aren’t you?

It makes me angry to hear you say that again.

I’m going to wear it on my neck

———-But you can do this by yourself, right?

But you know, it doesn’t stick well on top of white paint.

———-That’s right.

I tried, but it peels right off. And the white paint is coming off too.


So, from now on, I’m going to wear it on my neck.

———-I don’t care if you declares that.

I hope everyone will wear this tattoo sticker and listen to Freakz with a happy heart, STAY METAL!

———-Not that again…

August 10,2022 Freakz


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