Ken Owen -Carcass’s hidden contributor-



Situation unthinkable in ordinary music

He is the drummer of “Carcass” which I like.

At the time of the reunion, he was suffering from the aftereffects of a brain hemorrhage and was unable to participate.

However, he did visit the concert and apparently performed.

His drumming is in a rather imprecise category.

However, it creates an exquisitely good taste.

The musicality of the early “Carcass” is grindcore.

Accuracy of performance is of secondary or tertiary importance, and the question is (sometimes) how much violence to strike.

In such a situation, his drumming shined.

As soon as the drums enter, the listener loses track of the rhythm, a situation unthinkable in ordinary music.

The early “Napalm Death” had a similar point, but Ken Owen’s drumming had a greater impact.

Even today, they continues to influence grindcore bands, and their first and second albums have become the holy grail of gore grind.

His drumming definitely played a part in that.

Definite difference between “Heartwork” and other melodic death metal albums

As Carcass’ musicianship changed, so did the demand for precision on the drums.

This is because it showed an approach to death metal.

Therefore, some people have criticized the album “Heartwork” for its poor drumming.

This is certainly inaccurate, but it does give “Heartwork” a slight grindcore flavor.

This fact makes a definite difference between “Heartwork” and other melodic death metal albums, and it is still talked about today as a masterpiece.

Of course, it is not as simple as saying that it is a great album because the drums are inaccurate, but I can’t help feeling that it is one of the charms of the album.

I like his drumming and I can’t bring myself to criticize him for that reason.

July 29,2010 Freakz


I guess he still can’t play the drums today.

But he doesn’t seem to have stopped playing music.

He released a solo album “Symbiotic Possibilities” in 2015.

It is sad that we can no longer hear his destructive drumming, but we should be happy that his impulse for expression has not run out yet.

June 14,2022 Freakz