ConcertReport Hollywood-Zakoshisho April 7,2023 Japan


Hollywood Zakoshisho DVD Release Commemorative Talk Live

There will be food and drink this time, but just for the fun of it!

Sold out!
Zakoshisho has become very popular.

Loft Plus One is an unreserved seating area, so it’s best to get in early and get in line.

Some seats have a monitor, but you can hardly see the stage.

Zakoshi’s original menu
It seemed that many people ordered “Shonben Highball”.
I heard a lot of voices saying “Shonben” in the restaurant.

When Zakoshi appeared on stage, there were big cheers!
A scene that would have been unthinkable in the past!
Looking back on the 100 live shows
Zakosi’s top 10 choices were also announced.


This is a picture on the internet because I didn’t take any pictures.
I heard that Zakoshi has soft hip joints.
But still, this is a great jump!

The last scene that was OK to film.

Performers of the day
Hollywood Zakoshisho
Takeshi Nadagi
Captain Watanabe
Darins (Rinsu Matsumoto, Yuichiro Oda)
Yasuo Kirino


Souvenir postcard

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