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“Not good” cannot be dismissed with a single word

It is often said that Kai Hansen’s vocal is not good.

However, “not good” cannot be dismissed with a single word.

Kai Hansen was the vocalist of the early “Helloween”.

This was before Michael Kiske joined the band.

“Helloween” at that time was more like thrash metal.

Though they are classified as German metal (melodic speed metal) because they incorporates a familiar melody.

If anything, “Helloween” after Michael Kiske joined the band is closer to German metal.

Important element in early Helloween’s music

Kai Hansen’s vocals were well suited to the thrash metal-leaning intensity of the band’s music.

In thrash metal vocals, it is more important to be able to roar savagely and violently than to be able to hit the right notes.

In that sense, I feel that vein-breaking high-pitched shout was an important element in early “Helloween”‘s music.

In fact, when I watch live footage of early “Helloween”, it was not a performance in which melody was important to the singing.

It’s more about impulsivity and excitement.

Matter of compatibility between vocal style and musicality

After Michael Kiske joined the band, some of the earlier songs were re-recorded with Kiske singing them again.

Many people may feel uncomfortable or perhaps not feel at home when listening to them.

On the other hand, if Kai Hansen had sung the vocals for “Keeper of the Seven Keys”, it would not have been such a masterpiece.

In other words, it is a matter of compatibility between vocal style and musicality.

I believe that the suggestion that Kai Hansen’s vocals on the early “Helloween” albums were not good enough is wrong.

December 2,2009 Freakz


Yes, that’s a good analysis on my part.

Kai Hansen now seems to be struggling a lot with his high notes, probably due to his age.

I hope he will come back to that ultrasonic shout again someday.

Also, the term “German metal” is no longer used.

It is sometimes just called “power metal”.

But for my generation, German metal sounds very familiar.

March 16,2022 Freakz